Kids have a way of surprising their parents with the unexpected things they do. From repeating chisme they overheard to revealing philosophical thoughts they’ve had, they are a boundless mystery of magic and innocence.

Kids also teach parents a lot about understanding. Especially when you’re not asking the right questions— something the Bohannon’s learned the hard way.

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In a video Lisset and Jeremy Bohannon shared on TikTok, they revealed how pivoting the questions they asked their kids opened up a world they weren’t aware of. Particularly how their daughter was running an entire business from school.

The Bohannon’s found out their daughter is running a fully staffed business empire at her school 

The couple, who create content centering their family life, took to TikTok to discuss something they had seen encouraging them to ask their kids something other than “how was school?” Much to their surprise, the new set of questions worked and enlightened them about the on-goings of their daughter’s life.

Bohannon begins, “So I just learned recently that you should not ask your kids, ‘How was school?’ I watched a whole TikTok about it and they were saying you should ask these specific questions to see how you know what’s happening with your kids’ lives.”

She adds that when she started asking the questions, her husband looked at her “funny all week.” The proud mamá noted that it was because of the inquiries that she and her husband found out their daughter had “a whole entire business.”

Among the many questions the TikTok video encouraged people to ask, the Bohannon’s focused on, “Who did you play with at recess?”

“I’m focused on the recess one because the other day I asked, I was like, ‘Hey, who do you play with at recess,’ or ‘What did you do at recess?’ And she was like, ‘Well, I had a business meeting with Kara,’” Bohannon recalled.

Dialogue with their daughter allowed them to discuss the idea of being a conscious CEO

Turns out her daughter was running a bracelet ring alongside her “employees.”

She continues, “So come to find out that she’s been running this bracelet business and she has employees. She has — she charges her other classmates. They get tickets at school, and when they fill up their class chart [with] 50 tickets then they get like a class prize.”

As it happens, their daughter Billie is leading the pack regarding her overall ticket count.

“Yeah, well, Billie holds the fate of the entire class in her hands because we found out she has over 50 tickets,” Bohannon points out.

Per her parents, Billie sells custom-made bracelets for three tickets. They also noted how she “pays her employees two because they’re the ones taking the orders.”

Thanks to their new tactics, the Bohannons reminded their keen-eyed daughter that she shouldn’t “hog all the resources. ”Billie notes that it’s something that she’s considered but hasn’t decided if she will share the wealth or use it all for herself.”

Jeremy adds, “I think she’s going to do the right thing. She’s going to — she’s going to be, you know, the CEO of the people. You know what I mean? She’s not going to hog all the resources.”

Many in the comments applauded Billie’s business acumen, asking for updates on how her business was going

Fellow TikTok users celebrated that the Bohannon’s began asking their kids specific questions to get to know them better. Others shared things they found out about their kids by asking specific questions.

“My daughter gives temporary tattoos in the bathroom. We love business girlies,” one mom wrote.

TikTok user Summer-Rain commented, “My son taught everyone in his kindergarten class to play soccer positions so he could practice every day […] including the kids who don’t speak English.”


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“Last year I discovered my son had a math puzzle club called ‘brain falcons’ with members, president and board including the vice principal,” another said.

Even the person who shared the original TikTok responded to the video shared by the Bohannon’s.
Hannah Clarneau commented, “I’m the one who posted the original video!! This is by far the best response I’ve seen […] She is an entrepreneur.”