A new video on TikTok showing the mother of a 4-year-old boy berating another mother for her daughter’s beachwear is amassing millions of views across multiple social media platforms. On Twitter alone, the video has nearly 40 million views with many people weighing in on who has the moral high ground.

It starts as an argument between two mothers about a bikini

The video starts midway through a conversation where the mother of the young boy is telling the mother of the teenage girl that she shouldn’t be wearing such a revealing swimsuit at the beach. “Don’t let your daughter show her ass cheeks around my 4-year-old son,” she says.

The woman immediately begins launching into a personal attack on the mother filming the encounter. “What kind of mother are you to let your daughter wear a thong and show her ass cheeks around a 4-year-old kid?” Although we never see what the daughter is actually wearing, everyone else in the video insists it’s just a bikini.

The daughter screams, “No I’m not!” from off-camera when the boy’s mother insists it’s a thong. At this point, the woman’s friend, sitting to her right, is clearly not okay with how her friend is behaving. She sits quietly with her arms crossed and her face turned away.

Soon after, the boy’s mother says the woman’s daughter is giving her the “wrong idea,” to which the girl’s daughter says, “Okay that’s your problem and your son’s problem. So take your son and go somewhere else.” The encounter continues to escalate from there.

The boy’s mother begins to leave but won’t step down from a fight

The boy’s mother begins to gather her things but appears to decide against it and starts commenting on the woman’s decision to film their conversation. “You don’t f–ing know me or where I live so what’s your video going to do?” the boy’s mother asks. “It’s for my safety,” the girl’s mother says.

Their back and forth continues as the conversation keeps escalating. Eventually, the boy’s mother gets up and threatens to physically assault the teenager’s mother. “Let me get my kids ready and then I’m going to f–ing knock you out. So stay there, kid,” the woman says as she stands up.

The camera pans over to the woman’s kids, who were just a few feet away from the interaction the entire time. Instead of just dealing with the situation or moving somewhere else, the mother insists everyone go home. The woman’s friend who stayed silent the entire time then intervenes before things get physical.

Her friend steps in right before the woman says something horrible

“I’m sorry that she overreacted,” the friend says. “I agree she kind of overreacted. It’s just the bathing suit.” The boy’s mother then starts insulting her friend, saying, “It’s ’cause I have a son, maybe you don’t have a son and maybe that’s why.”

Then, if that weren’t enough, another person approaches the women and asks what’s going on. The boy’s mother explains the situation and the random passerby simply says, “It’s a beach.” The boy’s mother is clearly unhappy with everybody’s responses and says something truly horrible at the end of the video.

“If my son rapes your daughter when he gets older, it’s not my problem,” she says. Again, this is all over a bikini.

Social media is divided on who’s actually right about the bikini

Unsurprisingly, social media is divided on the issue. While very few people are in support of what the boy’s mother actually said, some do agree that showing too much skin in front of small kids is an issue. However, the vast majority of people are kind of grossed out by the woman’s insistence on sexualizing two children because of a bikini.

Others are pointing out the irony of watching a mother publicly berate another woman as she calls her a bad mother. And all over what seems to be a pretty normal bikini…

Some people were even on the other woman’s side until she threatened the woman’s daughter with rape.

As always, some people were on the woman’s side. However, most of those people were not greeted with much support. Check out the disparity of likes between both sides of the argument.

Where do you stand on bikini-gate?