Sometimes, opportunities arise when you least expect them. At least that happened to a man selling cotton candy at La Máxima Banda de Zacatecas’ recent concert, who must have never thought he would finally get his big break that night.

As a now-viral video shows, La Máxima Banda de Zacatecas was business-as-usual, with the singers belting out a song as the band played on behind them. Meanwhile, a man selling cotton candy stood right in front of the stage, waiting for audience members to buy snacks for the concert.

As one of the singers began to point his microphone to the audience members, presumably so they joined in with the band, the cotton candy man timidly raised his hand. The singer saw him immediately, pointed at him, and gave him a thumbs up. Letting the rest of the band know, the video shows how he gives his microphone over to the seller.

At that point, no one could ever expect what would happen next. The cotton candy man began to sing “Mi Mayor Anhelo,” giving it his all with one of the most beautiful voices we’ve ever heard. Knowing all the lyrics and looking out into the audience like a true professional, he sang the track full-out as one of the singers sat down and “tipped his hat” to him.

By the end of the video, viewers can see just how happy the man looks to have been given the chance to perform with the entire banda in front of a full crowd — and the band looks just as ecstatic. Everyone cheers for the man, and yes, we’re tearing up, too. 

La Máxima Banda de Zacatecas took to Facebook to share a video of the epic moment, captioning it with, “The cotton candy man sings chingón…” and we could not agree more. 

Other social media pages have caught wind of the emotional, downright-magical ordeal and reposted it. Facebook page Bambam RV Music posted the video as well, writing, “When the cotton candy man steals the show at a banda’s concert.” 

Commenters show just how incredible the moment really was, reacting with a mix of surprise, excitement, and a need to get that man signed to a record deal stat. One Facebook user said it all by writing, “That’s having your feet on the ground, my respects to the band and for the man who sings really well!” 

Yet another user posted, “What a voice, so great they shared the microphone, applause for the band who made a dream a reality for a working man,” and we could not agree more!

The banda also commented under the post, showing just how humble and amazing they really are: “The man’s great talent surprised us… It was an honor for us to have accompanied him.” Yet another user posted a comment saying, “They just gave him a contract to sing with the band… He will go sell his cotton candy and they will let him sing at the concerts,” but it has not yet been confirmed by the band. 


El Señor De Los Algodones Cantando con La Banda

♬ sonido original – La Máxima Banda De Zacatecas

La Máxima Banda de Zacatecas also reposted the video on their TikTok page, and one woman commented that the cotton candy man is her husband’s uncle. She wrote, “He sings and plays instruments bien chingón 🤩🤩🤩” and all we know is that we need to know everything about this very talented man!