If you’re a tajín-rimmed spicy margarita lover, a Moscow Mule fan like El Conejo Malo himself, or go all “Pásame La Botella” whenever the club starts playing reggaeton, you might be in need of a few good cruda tips. Yes, the dreaded hangover the next day is in direct opposition to how much fun you had the night before. Made some unforgettable memories drinking Don Julio shots last night and even danced on some tables? Well, amiguita, the hangover you’re about to feel will be earth-shaking. It’s alcohol’s circle of life.

So, what to do about it? We all know we’re probably not going to fully cut back on fun nights out every once in a while, and cocktails are just so good. Plus, ahem, if you’re not exactly 21 years old anymore… let’s just say the hangovers make you wish La Chupacabra would take you out of your misery. Where is he when you need him?

The only solution? Compiling the best cruda hacks possible, courtesy of social media. These hangover cures will make your cruda a thing of the past — thank us later!

1. First, the unexpected ice bucket cruda hack


EEEEL tip para curar la cruda

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Prepare to crack up at this cruda hack video. TikToker @danyrdzsaa found out that putting your head in an ice bucket cures a hangover the next day. So she got a big pink bowl our moms would love, filled it with ice water, and went to town. We’re saying “do babes” for the rest of our lives now. Plus, Pennsylvania doctor Adam Lake told Everyday Health it may actually work. Apparently, dunking your head in ice triggers a “diver’s reflex” which activates your parasympathetic nervous system. This in turn affects your vagus nerve, which can subside feelings of nausea. Dr. Lake explained, “Anyone who has jumped in a cold pool may be able to relate to the change in breathing that happens immediately”— and the immediate hangover relief.

2. Yes, apparently eating honey before drinking alcohol can help, too

Okay, what?! TikToker @marouskaperales surprised us all by asserting eating honey before drinking can prevent getting drunk— and in turn feeling hungover the next day Is it true, though? It might be. In fact, this scientific study from 2015 shows that honey reduces blood alcohol concentration. This “anti-intoxication” effect could be the result of honey’s sugar content. Why? Honey may help burn alcohol at record-speed as it metabolizes sugar. The more you know.

3. Mixing Sprite and Alka-Seltzer will bubble up your cruda into thin air

Okay, so this is an interesting one, but consider us intrigued. This TikTok user showed us all their hangover pro tip: simply mixing some Sprite with abuelita-favorite Alka-Seltzer. While it’s probably really bubbly and refreshing, does it work? Well, Alka-Seltzer is made to relieve heartburn, acid indigestion, and even headaches, so the resounding answer is definitely yes. Plus, Chinese scientists found in 2013 that Sprite had a “markedly positive effect” on cruda symptoms because it breaks down acetaldehyde.

Conversely, you can try mixing Alka-Seltzer with some Electrolit, a drink full of electrolytes, instead:

4. Mixing lime juice, tajín, Squirt, and mineral water will revive you even if you woke up feeling (or looking) like La Llorona


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Okay, so this one just looks delicious, so we would actually drink this whether we have a hangover or not. Tons of juicy lime, tajín, grapefruit soda Squirt and mineral water? We’ll take two please. Could it work to cure a cruda, though? Maybe. A team of scientists created the “ultimate hangover cure” back in 2019, and it was made up of 25% lime— reportedly helping the body break down alcohol faster. Not much research has been done on the rest, but this lime and tajín hack would probably be approved by many abuelas. And that’s enough for us.

5. Easiest hangover cure? Just add tomato, salt, and hot sauce. Done!

Judging by TikTok comments, this hack seems to be one many people have seen before. Who else has tried this? You can allegedly cure a hangover by simply biting into a tomato seasoned with salt a gusto, and some salsa picante. How could this help a resaca, though? Dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot explained to Men’s Journal that studies show “tomato juice can boost liver function, which speeds up alcohol digestion.” Plus, tomatoes’ antioxidants and vitamins boost your general wellness and can make you just feel better. No wonder micheladas and bloody Mary’s work so well.

6. While you may have heard of beer as a next-day remedy, this hangover michelada cure with candy is next level


Te tomas una (o dos o tres) de estas y adiós a la cruda 🍻 @armandodrinks #peda #drink #fiesta #cruda #hangovercure #michelada #cheve #cerveza #gomichela

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Speaking of micheladas, here’s the best michelada-themed cruda cure we definitely weren’t expecting. So, we know tomatoes can work to replenish vitamins in the body, and can even benefit the liver. Still, TikTok user @thepongcupss advises adding in extras like peanuts and gummy candy. While the peanuts might just taste good in it, the candy has a purpose: “The sugar in them is what will energize you.” Does sugar really help a hangover, though? Alcohol can mess with your blood sugar levels, so snacks with sugar in them can give you a boost.

7. Remember Jersey Shore’s unforgettable “Gym, Tan, Laundry” (GTL)? Well, this is more “Shower, Vitamins, Probiotics, Tacos” (SVPT?)


DENADA! dejen sus tips ee cruda en los comments Ig: daregalados

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Okay, so this might be one of the most foolproof solutions out there… except for the Tylenol part (more on that in a bit). All you have to do is wake up, have a shower (extra points if it’s cold, for the reasons explained under the ice water hack), take your vitamins, probiotics and eat tacos. We’re into it. One myth we have to bust here, though? The part about paracetamol, such as Tylenol. As per Harvard Medical School, you can take a pain reliever like aspirin or ibuprofen when dealing with a hangover, but not acetaminophen like Tylenol. Why? It can have toxic effects on your liver after drinking alcohol. A big no!

8. Apparently, you can eat a special hangover sopita that includes veggies and eggs

Ah, could there be any better hangover situation than staying in your pijamitas, entrenching yourself in your couch, and drinking aa creamy sopita? Just like when you’re sick, a homemade soup can help with a bad cruda. This TikTok account advises mixing tomatoes, onions, green peppers, salt, chicken broth, cilantro, and eggs. This soup will give you a boost of vitamins with all the veggies, plus, eggs are high in B vitamins— which seem to make hangovers less severe. Hangover eggs for the win!

9. Lastly, you might not believe it, but milk can actually help a cruda

Well, it seems like some of the best hangover cures are all found on a farm— because milk can assist with a cruda, too. At least if you drink it before going to sleep after a night of drinking. Nutritionist Ian Marber explained to the Evening Standard that milk “might help replace lost minerals.” Plus, “milk contains a protein called casein, which can counteract alcohol and aid sleep.” So if your abuela told you milk can help la resaca, she was right. No word on vivaporub‘s effectiveness, though!