There are two types of people in this world; those who are chirpy and productive in the morning… and those who are not. If you’re the latter type of person, you probably calculate the latest possible time you can wake up and start work on time. That means you’re probably applying mascara half awake or buttoning your shirt as you join a call. And you’re definitely not having Breakfast because, who has time for that? Well, now you do because Wendy’s® has a glorious Breakfast menu with real huevos that will get you up and ready to conquer so much more than you would on your average day, you know, things like:

1. Sitting in a car for a 10-hour road trip. 

Sure, you’re at the driver’s seat, but the person sitting on the passenger’s side keeps complaining they’re so close to the dashboard their knees are touching the front console because the person behind them thinks he’s 10 feet tall. You have no control of the music that is being streamed and the youngins behind you are overly excited for this trip you already wish you would’ve skipped on. Fortunately, your stomach isn’t growling and you have no symptoms of “hangriness” because you swooped into Wendy’s this morning to grab yourself a bite from their Breakfast menu. Your stomach is so happy you know you’ll survive this 10-hour nightmare feeling like you’re on Cloud 9 — even with your suegra yelling and sitting in the third row. 

2. Facing a neurotic novia for an entire day as her bridesmaid. 

Are your palms sweating yet? If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid, you know how stressful these big days are. They are far from joyous because the bride is sooooo stressed about every detail being perfect that they lash out on the first person they see, who usually happens to be – you. The morning usually starts at 4 am to fit hair and makeup in before the ceremony at 1 pm which means you probably won’t have anything to eat until they serve dinner in the evening. However, being the smart bridesmaid that you are, you ate this morning. You ate real good.  

3. Dealing with car dealers. 

You show up to the car dealership knowing exactly what car you want. I mean the exact model down to the color of the stitching. In your mind you have the exact budget you can play with and you know what your firm number is. This should be quick, right? Enter the salesperson who tells you for hours they’re giving you the best price in town. You know they’re lying and you’re not convinced. Enter the general manager who tries to assure you you won’t find a better price. Before you know it, you’ve been there for four hours and you’re about to lose your mind. But good thing you had desayuno, because now you have the huevos to tell them the amount you’re willing to pay and not one penny more!

4. Surviving a hike with that over-achieving friend. 

We all have that friend who loves a good challenge. The one who can’t sit still for two minutes without feeling like they’re wasting time. Well, sometimes you have the huevos to live up to the challenge. A Sunday morning hike after staying up super late binging TV sounds like a terrible idea until you realize Wendy’s has a delicious Breakfast that’ll give you all the feel good vibes that’ll put you in the mood to climb the highest of mountains and exceed the lazy expectations your friend has of you. Because when your stomach is full, you can conquer it all. 

5. Slaying that presentation. 

Delivering a presentation on an empty stomach is asking to fail. If you’ve ever done this, you know your energy level is low, your nerves are sky high and a surprise speaker is likely to show up — your stomach. Nothing is more embarrassing than presenting and your stomach being the co-presenter with a voice so loud your neighbor’s yappy chihuahua would be jealous. But when you’re rehearsing your kickass delivery, you don’t have time to cook yourself Breakfast. Thankfully, Wendy’s has a Breakfast menu! Spread the word. Tell your friends. Tell your mom. Tell your ex…well, you don’t have to tell your ex, unless you’re still cool with them. Are you? No time to think about that, because you’ve got hungry friends and family who need to know, and you probably still need to get yourself some Breakfast in no time to keep that stomach monster hibernated.