Latinos often migrate from their homelands to the United States to establish a better future for themselves and their families.

The reasons for migration are multifaceted and often complex. They range from economic opportunities and political instability to the search for better living conditions and education. However, finding housing can be difficult when the resources aren’t available.

That’s why one Latino man is changing the lives of other immigrants. Nicolás González, who moved from Colombia to New York, faced uncertainty after arriving in one of the biggest cities in the world.

Like many immigrants, González knew firsthand how tiring the housing process can be in the city. Discrimination, language barriers and legal documentation requirements all play a part in the difficulties Latine migrants face.

Generally, they end up in overcrowded and substandard housing conditions due to their limited options. González took the first option available to him as a migrant in New York City before changing their lives.

He searched on social media to find a room for rent

González said searching for affordable housing was challenging since many vacant properties were too expensive. “I never really thought it would be such a tortuous process, so difficult, González told Univision. “I thought it would be easier.”

The Colombian native then turned to social media as an alternative resource. He used Instagram to look for people living in New York with extra rooms available for rent. However, he said it was “too risky” to follow through.

“Everything is very risky, even the people who showed me rooms. I never knew their name; they did not have a WhatsApp photo,” González explained.

Univision reported that the Colombian native initially planned to create an app for Latino restaurants. But realized there was a greater need for the Hispanic community in New York City. González also shared the difficulties Latine people face when submitting applications to rent a room.

According to him, Americans have a better chance of obtaining shelter without language barriers.

“When renting rooms, we know that there are certain applications already built for Americans in some way where the process is much easier,” González said.

González wants to make it “easier” for Latinos without proper documentation to rent

González became the CEO and founder of Latino Rooms, a website where Latinos can search for rooms for rent within the tri-state area. While the initiative is only in New York, he plans to expand the platform to other cities.

He said the business grew as more people searched for housing, making the process much easier and safer for them. He aims to “transform lives” for migrants with no place to live after emigrating to a new city. The entrepreneur said he received many stories from Latinos, who were grateful to find a room through the website.

“We have received stories from people who told us if I couldn’t find a room today, they would send me back to my country,” González said.

González aims to continue his work by alleviating the stress Latines face daily.

“Every day we try to improve to provide people with solutions in an economical, easy and safe way,” he said.

Overall, the desire to create a better life is a powerful force that inspires and motivates Latine migrants to pursue their dreams, and it remains a vital part of the fabric of the United States.