With graduation coming up, us Latinos know that the day can feel extra special for us. So many of us first-generation immigrants know how much our parents sacrificed to see us walking up that stage one day — and the significance is never lost on us.

Will our parents, abuelos, primos, tias, tios and our entire extended family fight tooth and nail to make sure they get a ticket? Of course. Will they understand when you tell them your school only gave you five? Never. But that’s okay!

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You might be preparing for just one graduation this year, or you might actually have both a Latino and general school population graduation lined up. With many schools planning Latino and Black graduations to emphasize the importance of people of color breaking generational barriers, we’re feeling the graduation spirit more than ever. 

We’ve rounded up nine moments at a Latino graduation that we can all relate to — and on that note, si se puede! 

1. Your family and friends will cheer and clap harder for you than an entire basketball game stadium after a half-court shot… or your abuela making tortillas. 

2. After graduation, you’re partying with some tequila or mezcal because your impressive GPA needs to be celebrated. Your parents, though? They’ll still be dramatic about you going down “el camino equivocado.” 

3. Enough graduation tickets for your whole Latino family? Never — the limit does not exist. 

4. Sometimes, cheering you on at Latino graduation involves some extra reinforcement — like those pots and pans you probably keep in the oven.

5. Or, maybe your family feels like getting a little bit more creative:

6. A Hispanic graduation party is the definition of “lit” — and you’ll probably hear “Tusa” by Karol G at least 25 times.

7. We all know our last names might get mispronounced… but us? We’re not letting anything get us down at graduation.

8. Walking down the stage at graduation is much more meaningful to us because of everything our parents sacrificed to get us there.

9. A Latino graduation is full of the most creative cap decor ideas that pay tribute to our nationalities and our family’s hard work. We love to see it!