It’s been a wild ride for trends this year on TikTok. From beige flags to delulu culture, some of the crazes we’ve seen have made it to the workplace and family dinners. You think it won’t get any weirder, until you see people putting little pink bows on frijoles. 

Yes, these trends have their moment and go, but looking back, they’re never truly forgotten. We’ve rounded up 17 of the funniest ones to remember before we head into 2024. Who knows what strange things we’ll be doing, wearing, and saying next year!

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Canon events

One of 2023’s biggest films, “Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse,” helped create this popular trend. The character Miguel O’Hara, voiced by Oscar Isaac, says the line, “I can’t interfere, it’s a canon event.” He’s referring to the fixed events that shape Spider-Man, like getting bit by a radioactive spider. However, users found canon events in their own lives that are universal, like straightening your curly hair for the first time, or getting a gym membership after a breakup.

MSCHF’s Big Red Boot

We all remember where we were the first time we saw these boots from Brooklyn-based art collective, MSCHF. They quickly went viral for their cartoon-like look, even prompting comparisons to Boots’ shoes from “Dora The Explorer.” And yet, we couldn’t get enough! Styling TikToks were popular, but videos of them being spotted in the wild were even better.



Replying to @Derriah Russell things take up time & space in our lives & they don’t help pay rent!!! 🫶🫶#deinfluencing #consciousconsumer #consciousconsumerism #deinfluence #deinfluencer #amazonhaul #amazonmusthaves

♬ original sound – Laura • body friendly fitness

The act of deinfluencing people from buying popular or viral products gained traction on TikTok over the summer. The goal is to make people think more about what they’re spending their money on, instead of buying into the hype. Deinfluencing has also taken a turn into practical life advice, like not worrying about having a color-coordinated Christmas tree.

Bombastic side eye

We got a new way to throw shade this year with the bombastic side eye. Humans and animals alike participated, and even celebs like Kim Kardashian and daughter North West.

Year of the Girl

This summer, women on TikTok shared their own versions of dinner, dubbed “girl dinner.” Plates with cheeses, cookies, cereal, and other random snack foods or leftovers that wouldn’t usually be paired together, were. 


We up! 😌☝️‼️💯

♬ original sound – Asia Jackson

Eventually the “girl” trend transformed into “girl math,” which is the extreme justification of money spending habits. Before this year, I thought I was the only one who pretended like I was going to a concert for free after buying the ticket months in advance. “Girl math” also brought us the gift that is “Latino math,” like taking the centerpieces from parties.

Switching sides sound

Another trending sound this year originated from the “Call of Duty” video games. Videos saw people sharing changes of heart they’ve had in their lives, including people’s sexuality. 

Face-changing filters


gemelitaaaaas 😋 tranquilas chicas que esto es mentita mirad mi madre está mucho mas guapa que el filtro 💗🎀 #agefilter #timetravelfilter #parati

♬ Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley

What’s TikTok without a crazy filter? The aged filter is one that took the app by storm this year, allowing users to take a peek at their future selves. While the shocked reactions at the wrinkles and smile lines made us laugh, it was emotional for others realizing that their parents will never see them at that old age.

The Grimace Shake


Happy Birthday Grimace #grimaceshake

♬ original sound – Courteney Cox

In honor of the McDonald’s character’s birthday in June, the fast food chain released a purple, berry-flavored milkshake. Except TikTok users trying the shake for the first time pretended the drink caused some crazy side effects, including passing out and dying. Even “Friends” actress Courteney Cox joined in on the fun, except her dog was the one who got the shake’s side effects.

Delulu Girl Era

Short for “delusional,” being “delulu” is a more optimistic way of viewing your life. For example, take a person thinking their crush is in love with them after looking in their direction once. Deep down, they understand it’s not true, but why not live in the fantasy that it could be? As they say: “delulu is the solulu.”

“M3GAN” dance


When someone messes with our bestie 👭🔪❤️💥 @Empire State Building #m3gan #meetm3gan #m3ganmovie #fyp #viral #m3gandance #nyc

♬ Dolls – Bella Poarch

One of the first trends of the year were recreations of the dance performed by the titular robot doll in the horror film “M3GAN.” Everyone was doing body rolls and flapping their arms around, with some attempting the impressive flip. It’s hard to believe this was nearly one year ago!


Continuing with the girl trends of 2023, the coquette aesthetic was revitalized with the help of fashion trends like hair bows and ballet flats. But the coquettification TikTok trend answers the question: what if everything was coquette? People are tying little pink bows on everything from toilet paper, to their Chipotle meal. Nothing is off limits!

Red, green, and beige flags

We all know about red and green flags when it comes to dating, but what do we call the weird, yet charming things your partner does? According to TikTok, these are beige flags. These neutral traits can be anything from setting timers instead of alarms to wake them up in the morning, to asking the waiter what they should order.

Lights Off Challenge

In this recent trending dance challenge, one person in a group will dance unenthusiastically. When the beat on the song picks up, they go harder with the same dance move while the lights in the room are off, and everyone turns on their phone’s flashlight. We can definitely expect to see more of these videos during holiday gatherings.

The “Besame Mucho” x “Delincuente” sound


#POV me trying to romanticize the sunset when my past self passes by #comedy #latinasbelike

♬ original sound – Vanessa Sirias

A creative mashup of Consuelo Velázquez’s song “Besame Mucho,” and sounds of a car racing by blasting Tokischa’s “Delincuente” became a trending sound this spring. Vanessa Sirias captioned her TikTok, “me trying to romanticize the sunset when my past self passes by.” The sound was used by adults who didn’t realize how fast time flies. One day you’re having fun with friends, and the next, you’re a responsible adult.

Hugging emoji or film camera?

2015 may have had the blue and black dress, and white and gold dress debacle, but 2023 had many people confused about an emoji. The symbol that shows two people hugging makes an uncanny resemblance to an old fashioned film camera turned to the side. We’re just glad this was settled before the new year.

The Roman Empire


I literally thought he was messing with me at first 😭

♬ original sound – Aileenchristineee

While “girl math” may be a constant in women’s heads, the Roman Empire is a surprising constant in men’s heads. In September, we found out just how often most men think about the Roman Empire – and we were shocked. While we’re still unsure why they think about it multiple times a day, it made for an interesting social experiment. The trend escalated into people sharing their own Roman Empires online, like a favorite TV show ending or an iconic moment in pop culture.


Finally, the “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” double feature brought movie lovers to theaters this July because of their identical release dates. Social media treated it as the cinema event of a lifetime, making a digital pact to dress up for the films. With showtimes starting minutes apart, many people had to make quick changes at the movies, like this TikTok user. We love the dedication!