Math has always been a divisive subject. You either like it or you don’t. For those who don’t like math, they find a way to make the math “math,” especially when it comes to buying something.

Enter girl math. According to Urban Dictionary, girl math is “an illogical reasoning and justification to making an unnecessary purchase used primarily by women.” The internet ran with it. Then, as most things do with the internet, it evolved and gave us boy math and Latino math.

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Much like the quips that came about with girl math and boy math, Latino math pokes fun at many of the curiosities that many have experienced their whole lives. Latinos on the internet left nothing untouched and humorously cracked down on everything. 

So when one X user @pericopapiii asked the internet, “What is Hispanic/Latino Math,” Latinos on X delivered. Below are some Latino “mathing” comments shared on social media.

We’re leaving soon

This X user made fun of the fact that Latino goodbyes can be unexpectedly long. Matt, who goes by the handle @pericopapiii, responded, “Solid 1-2 hours just trynna say bye too [.]” Where’s the lie?

Time disparities

Another user pointed out how Latina moms like to stretch the truth a little regarding the time. Many Latinos have been woken up by a mamá fibbing a little regarding the actual time on the clock. Anyone else rush to get ready when in fact you’re an hour early?

Picking at social habits

The social lives of Latinos can often be a lose-lose situation. This problem was something one X user pointed out. If you go out too much, it’s a problem. If you stay home too much, that’s also a problem. 

DIY security systems

Latinos love a good DIY. One user pointed out how every Latino, at one point or another, has heard their parent say that leaving a light on will keep the ladrones away. The light on will ensure the safety of your home.

Traveling in large groups

Latinos understand that more fun can be had in larger numbers, so they’ll sometimes fit multiple people in a smaller vehicle. In most cases, necessity calls for improvisation and leads to the same result.

Gaming the system

Latinos are not known for passing up a good deal. So, if they have to tell a little one to fib about their age a bit to get some extra perks, that’s what they’ll do.

Having younger aunts and uncles

Sometimes, marriages fail, and some parents start over. Other times, more nefarious deeds occur. Either way, plenty of Latinos out there have tíos and tías who might be a little younger than one would expect.

A deep love for party favors

Frequently, the moment mamás, tías and abuelas get to a party, they immediately start scoping out what decorations they can take home. The usual victim is every floral arrangement they can get their hands on.

Latinos learning actual math

Doing math homework with Latino parents is not for the weak. Many Latino kids have walked away with math trauma after a homework session with their parents.