Pride month is a time to reflect on all that makes the LGBTQ+ community so amazing, as well as finding ways to amplify our allyship and uplift queer folks in every way possible. 

Much beyond performative activism, this month should center on making strides for real change — whether through financial donations, attending marches or protests or being an ally to a queer co-worker, peer or family member.

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Aside from contributing to impactful change, we’re sifting through all the best coming out moments on the internet right now. Stories that will make you laugh and cry in equal measure. These nine coming out moments have us asking for that box of Kleenex again and make us feel very inspired.  

1. When this man came out to his mom, she simply replied: “I accept you how you are… God knows what he does… and don’t worry, I am your mother, and I will accept you how you are forever.” As one user commented, “That’s the MVP mamá right there.”

2. Why is this video somehow so relatable? Proving Latino parents are one of a kind, this man tells his mother is gay, and she is completely unbothered. But when he tells her he’s getting a tattoo? Not on her watch.

3. This TikToker felt nervous before going to their mom’s house for the first time with a wig and makeup on. Bringing some Panda Express along to “diffuse the situation,” the mother simply said they looked “tall” and “you have a really nice body.” One look at her and you know she’s as proud as ever.

4. This man came out to his father in freshman year of high school, and the dad simply said: “What did you think, I was stupid? That I was from another planet, or what?” After a few laughs, the love is as clear as day.

5. Using audio straight out of “Scooby Doo,” this TikToker reenacts how coming out to his mother went down. While he was freaking out about her reaction, she just acted like she didn’t know… but she knew since he was 5 years old. Well, then!

6. One of the cutest TikTok dances we’ve ever seen, this one shows how popular user @alexis_santiago’s sister comes out using the lyrics “They’re so pretty, it hurts. I’m not talking ’bout boys, I’m talking ’bout girls” from Girl In Red’s song “Girls.”


This is my sister coming out, so proud of her <3 @222madss #bi #lgbt #gay #sister #comingout

♬ stfu ida or joe used my sound – lexi

7. Meanwhile, this TikToker made a shout out to their aunt for always loving them “no matter what” and sticking by their side throughout their coming out journey. “Thank you for never turning your back on me,” they wrote. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

8. This man was nervous to come out as gay to his “hella Mexican dad,” and when he told him, there was admittedly a bit of confusion. But once they had a discussion, the father simply said, “Well, nothing you can do,” which was “the best reaction [he] could have expected.” Afterwards, there were laughs, and the dad even formed a good relationship with his son’s then-boyfriend.

9. When his daughter came out to him, this “very Latino” father made a trip to his local Barnes & Noble and bought her the very-iconic “This Book Is Gay” by Juno Dawson. As the “most adorable thing” he’s done, we love to see it.