Mothers are notorious for putting everyone else’s needs ahead of their own, and we all know how much they love to beat around the bush when it comes to addressing their own desires.

Every year, I beg my mom for ideas on what to get her for Mother’s Day and, every year, she just shrugs and says, “I don’t want anything, mija. I already have everything I need.” I know I speak for many fellow frustrated children when I say: we’re not buying it. And we’re taking it a step further to debunk the myth that our mothers have worked so long and tirelessly to propagate. We asked nine moms what they really wanted for Mother’s Day. Spoilers: they all wanted something. 

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For many moms, a day off sounds ideal. Being able to sleep in, go to Starbucks, lounge around — all the things we take granted prior to motherhood — are the small gifts these moms are hoping to receive this Mother’s Day. 

“I want a day off mom and wife duties. I want to be able to wake up in the morning, at whatever time I please, and drive to Starbucks and order my favorite coffee. I want to drink my coffee while it’s still warm and not have to microwave it 100 times. Maybe I’ll get crazy and order a lemon loaf. After my coffee run, I’ll go to a MedSpa and get all the Botox and fillers I want with my husband’s credit card. Then, Chick-fil-A to order my favorite meal and head home. I’ll eat it on the sofa while watching all the Lifetime movies I want until I knock out and sleep my first uninterrupted sleep in almost 3 years. Amazing!”

— Genesis 

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Genesis and her daughter.

“I want three things: to not step on a Lego for the entire day, for someone else to cook, and to be allowed to sleep in without anyone waking me up for a snack.” 

— Cari, food blogger at Fat Girl Hedonist

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Cari and her son.

“I would love a weekend getaway or a staycation where I don’t have to cook or take care of anyone in the house, the house takes care of me. I just want to relax without feeling guilty, and Mother’s Day is perfect for that.” 

— Lissa

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Lissa and her son.

“I want an eternity ring, which is just a band with diamonds or other stones all the way around. I eventually want one for each child. The eternity ring symbolizes the circle of life and never-ending love, so I feel like both represent a mother’s love for her child. Also: I would also like to sleep in that day.” 

— Ashley 

For other moms, a full day of pampering is in order. If anyone needs self-care, it’s these hardworking mommas!

“I want a spa day away from everyone.” 

— Diany 

“I want the works: hair done, nails done, massage… just a day of peace and quiet and total relaxation.” 

— Carolina

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Carolina and her children.

For some moms, however, the momming never stops and they want nothing more than to spend Mother’s Day with their kids by their side. 

“I want a worry-free, walk down memory lane with my children. Sit back and relax at home, watching videos of them growing up, reminiscing on the good old days when they actually liked hanging out with me. Red roses and cards are always welcomed!”

— Carla

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Carla and her sons.

“I’d like to just spend it with my daughter at home, enjoying her company, maybe listening to music, or watching a movie. That would be spectacular.” 

— Raquel 

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Raquel and her daughter.

And some moms, well, they just want to give their partners a little slice of the action. Or a lot of the action… all of the action… if only for a day. 

“I want my husband to be my slave for a day. There, I said it.” 

— Maria 

There’s no denying that being a mom is a full-time job, with sometimes not so great benefits and a very limited number of sick days. So, if you’re a mom this Mother’s Day, make sure you treat yourself, whatever that means for you. It’s evident that para gustos se hicieron los colores. Whether it’s a frappuccino, a Netflix binge, or a facial — do something to celebrate yourself. And if you’re the child of an amazing madre, take the time to make her feel special. Remember: without her, there would have been no you. 

Felicidades a todas las madres!

Note: Last names have been omitted upon request.