For Father’s Day, we’re thinking about Latino dads and the ways they show (or don’t show) affection to their family, aka their heart and soul. Don’t get us wrong: we love our dads more than arroz pegao’, micheladas and pupusas combined. But Hispanic dads aren’t exactly the most communicative when it comes to showing their love for us — for many, it’s just a fact. Still, we all know la familia is the most important thing in the world for them, so we know they mean well!

Even if Latino dads go very easy on the “I love you’s,” they still show they care in several other ways. Ahead, we’ve compiled the top nine ways Latino fathers show affection to us without having to say a word — and we love them all the more for it!

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1. Latino dads say “I love you” by playing the iconic “Estoy Enamorada” by Yolanda Perez and Don Cheto in the car. Cue singing, “Estoy enamorada y mi padre no lo entiende” at the top of your lungs.

2. They always say, “Maneja con cuidado” before you leave home.

3. Latino dads tear up at your big achievements — and now we’re crying, too.

4. Latino fathers are all about helping you fix something, whether changing a lightbulb or getting your laptop working before your next midterm.

5. You know a Latino dad loves their family when they cook arroz con pollo for the dog they “never wanted.”

6. Dads show love through food — at least by cutting up some fruit for you when you’re studying (extra points for some Tajín).

7. Sometimes Latino dads reply to “I love you” with “thank you,” but it actually means “I love you, too.” 

8. Even if they don’t tell you “I love you” point blank, they’ll get excited about fun things you do together, like fireworks on Nochevieja. 

9. And for reasons yet to be explained, Latino fathers love to prank their kids. It is what it is!