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A 2-Year-Old Boy Was Abandoned At A Goodwill

Safe-haven laws are statutes in the United States that decriminalize the abandoning of an infant so that the child can become a ward of the state. Though given the circumstances, the statues can be devastating, they ultimately are put into action for the safety and well-being of a child. These laws have requirements, of course. The laws vary by state but often require designated private persons and places of unharmed infants. Safe-haven surrender areas typically include police stationshospitals, and fire stations. Not Goodwills.

Despite this, two guardians of a child made the decision to abandon a 2-year-old boy at a Goodwill store. They left him with nothing but a bag of clothes and a note has spurned an investigation.

Police in Southaven, Mississippi were called to a Goodwill after a 2-year-old boy was dropped off at its location.

According to a Facebook post from Southaven Police Chief Macon Moore, the boy was left with only a bag of clothing and a note by a man wearing black jogging pants and a black cowboy hat.

Surveillance video captured images of a male and female associated with the child and the vehicle they were driving at the time that he was abandoned.

The man and woman were seen driving together in the red vehicle when the boy was abandoned. Southaven police officers apprehended one of the suspects at around 3:30 p.m. after receiving various tips after the police reached out to the public for information.

The boy was too young to know his name or the names of his parents and an employee at the Goodwill store told news station WREG-TV in an interview that the man had said “the child’s mother couldn’t care for him” before leaving the premise.

The note left with the toddler read: “child abandoned … no phone number for mom.”

“The child wasn’t dressed properly for how cold it was,” the Goodwill employee told WREG “He was in good spirits. He was laughing, playing with toys, and eating food until police arrived on the scene. He was also able to hold up two fingers when asked how old he was.”

Now, the suspect is in custody and there is an investigation is underway. “There are three different agencies currently working this case,” Moore told CNN in a statement.

Moor told CNN that there are other suspects potentially involved in the case. Fortunately, the boy “is in good spirits and will be reunited with family when Child Protective Services ‘determines it proper.'”

“I would like to thank all of the citizens who showed concern for the child, rest assured he is well,” Moore said in a statement posted to Facebook. “Thank you to all of the citizens who offered tips regarding the suspects in this case. The cooperation from the community and a unified effort from law Enforcement led to the speedy apprehension of suspects.”

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Um Hi, Armie Hammer Dropped Out Of A JLO Movie After Leaked Texts Claimed He’s Into Being A Cannibal And Is 2021 Over Yet?


Um Hi, Armie Hammer Dropped Out Of A JLO Movie After Leaked Texts Claimed He’s Into Being A Cannibal And Is 2021 Over Yet?

Gregg DeGuire / Getty, Taylor Hill / Getty

Yes, welcome to 2021. A year whose heels only just hit the ground when Republican extremists terrorized the Capitol building leading to Donald Trump’s impeachment… And oh yeah saw actor Armie Hammer being accused of liking cannibalism. Yes, we said it cannibalism, ya know, an appetite for eating your own kind?

Gossip surrounding the Call Me By Your Name actor and his sex life has become so salacious that the actor announced that he was stepping back from an upcoming movie with Jennifer Lopez.

Armie Hammer announced this week that he will no longer star in the upcoming movie, Shotgun Wedding alongside Jennifer Lopez.

The brewing scandal involving Hammer includes alleged leaked messages related to his sex life.

The leaked messages alleged that Hammer has a thing for fantasies related to rape and cannibalism and was leaked by an anonymous social media account user with the name House of Effie. According to the account, Hammer told a woman that he was “100 percent a cannibal.” Another message suggested that Hammer liked the taste of blood.

“I’m not responding to these bulls–t claims but in light of the vicious and spurious online attacks against me, I cannot in good conscience now leave my children for four months to shoot a film in the Dominican Republic,” Hammer said in a statement to Page Six. “Lionsgate is supporting me in this and I’m grateful to them for that.”

Still, the show will go on for Lopez who will star in the film being directed by “Pitch Perfect” director Jason Moore.

The film will be distributed in the US by Lionsgate and will stream internationally on Amazon Prime. According to Deadline, Shotgun Wedding was meant to see Lopez and Hammer “play a couple who gather their lovable but very opinionated families for the ultimate destination wedding just as they begin to get cold feet about their relationship. If that wasn’t enough of a threat to the celebration, suddenly everyone’s lives are in danger when the entire party is taken, hostage.”

Despite the unconfirmed gossip around him, Hammer still has upcoming projects. These include the thriller, “The Billion Dollar Spy,” and a sequel to the 2017 hit “Call Me By Your Name” in which he played Oliver, a handsome doctoral student.

Its not the first time gossip around Hammer’s love life has caused a stir. In a 2013, Playboy interview Hammer described himself as a “dominant lover” and enjoyed “grabbing women by the neck and hair.”

He later told E! News of the candid Playboy interview, “Don’t drink during an interview.”

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Fans Think This Photo Of Barbie Is Proof She’s An Out And Proud Lesbian


Fans Think This Photo Of Barbie Is Proof She’s An Out And Proud Lesbian

Mattel/ Instagram

The fact that the early days of Barbie were not quite so inclusive to all of us comes as no surprise. The blonde, impossibly figured doll with a penchant for similar-looking friends is a far cry away from the Barbie of today who has friends of all shapes, races, sizes, sexual identities, and abilities. Even better, today’s Barbie crew includes dolls who give queer children a broader playgound for their imagination.

Recently, Barbie has added a new addition to her friend group whose bringing more power to her LGTBQ fans.

Social media has dubbed the LGBTQ positive Aimee Song doll Barbie‘s girlfriend.

Twitter’s latest excitement is about a theory that Barbie and Aimee Song are dating. Photos of Mattel’s doll Aimee Song doll show her wearing a “Love Wins” T-shirt that supports LGBTQ+ rights. The Mattel doll was inspired by fashion blogger Aimee Song and recently caught renewed attention in a viral post shared to Twitter.

The “Love Wins” photos are only now going viral but were actually released in November 2017.

The photos of Barbie and the Aimee doll were shared to Twitter last Monday by user @kissevermore and now has Twitter debating whether the two are dating.

The pictures of Barbie and Aimee show the two dolls eating avocado toast. petting a dog, and smiling at each other. The images have fans questioning when Barbie came out and how she managed to nail a hot girlfriend before they did.

Even REAL Aimee Song weighed in on the images to confirm the relationship.

“I am the girlfriend,” she tweeted with a photo of herself and the Aimee Song doll. 

While Mattel has yet to officially identify Barbie as a lesbian, the original Instagram posts related to the Love Wins Barbies are proof that she is at least an ally.

Confirmed or not, true or not, one of the best parts of Barbie is that she is meant to be whoever her fans want her to be.

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