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Here Are Some Of The Wildest Side Hustles You Told Us You Did For Some Extra Cash

So many people thrive with having their own side hustles. It is a part of the economy that consists of more and more young people looking to make some extra cash while also juggling a fulltime job. For some, the side hustle is a passion project that you want to get off the ground to quit your job. For others, it is a way to bridge the gap between their income and what they need with healthcare and other responsibilities.

Side hustles are a part of life for so many so we wanted to know what you all did for some side cash.

We asked you to tell us on social media what some of the wildest side hustles you have done and you did not hold back. Tbh, some of these even gave us ideas on ways to make some extra cash on the side during and after this pandemic. Here are some of the best side hustles you shared.

Being a contestant on “12 Córazones.”

Instagram user @an_igeee said she was on the show about 8 years ago and we have a lot of questions. Like, can you send us a clip so we can see you in all your glory? Did you find love? How did you end up being cast in the show?

Some of y’all started really young with your side hustles and good for you.

Credit: Pokémon

Honestly, we all collected Pokémon cards at one time or another. It was the few smart kids that knew how to collect so many that they could duplicate their best cards and sell them like @br1ana21. If you are really smart, you can turn it into an adult side hustle now that they might have a little more value.

You can always make some extra cash if you have a camera.

Credit: My Cousin Vinny / Twentieth Century Fox

@maxwellhallel told us that he made some extra cash helping a catalog. This side hustler was taking photos of paper towels and toilet paper. The photographer probably never imagined how valuable and important those paper products would be in the future.

Some side hustles are not for the faint of heart.

Credit: Giphy

Death is such a part of life that there is an industry built up to handle everything death. That is why @_whiskeynpeonies_ managed to build up their own side hustle of transporting bodies for funeral homes. If you like driving and don’t mind being around death, this might be a good choice for you.

Sometimes your side hustle is just an extension of your full-time job.

Credit: The Simpsons / Fox

When push comes to shove, there are ways to turn your main grind into a side hustle as well. Since the world became infected with COVID-19, a lot of people have lost their jobs and @anacepedab is no different. She is a school teacher in the morning, a university student in the afternoon and, because of her parents’ sudden unemployment, she has picked up some extra work as a tutor.

If you have the stomach for it, you can always handle the jobs no one wants.

Credit: Giphy

@karimoli did what parents don’t want to do: remove piojitos. Lice are just a part of growing up. Children do not understand social distancing or personal space so when one kid gets lice, all of them do. It seems like a pretty solid side hustle if you live near an elementary school or daycare. Who else would hire someone to remove their child’s lice?

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President Trump Attempted To Register His Trademark In Cuba In 2008 To Open Hotels And More

Things That Matter

President Trump Attempted To Register His Trademark In Cuba In 2008 To Open Hotels And More

Gage Skidmore / Flickr

New reports show that President Donald Trump tried to register his trademark in Cuba in 2008. The revelation shows another contradiction from President Trump who promised not to do business in Cuba until the island was a free democracy. The news comes just one week into Hispanic Heritage Month and has left some on social media questioning President Trump’s commitment to Cuban-Americans.

A new Miami Herald story is shining a light on Trump’s attempted business dealings in Cuba.

The story highlights President Trump’s hypocrisy and frequent contradictions throughout his life. The president’s attempted business dealings in Cuba came after he told the Cuban American National Foundation that he would not. During a 1999 speech, President Trump promised that he would not do business in Cuba until the island and the people were free.

For some, the revelation comes as a reminder of President Trump’s record with the Latino community. Latinos have been a constant target for Trump’s attacks since he called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals when announcing his candidacy in 2015.

The news has angered Latinos who see the gesture as a sign of betrayal.

“I’ve had a lot of offers and, sadly, it’s all be very recently, to go into Cuba on deals. Business deals, real estate, and other deals,” Trump said at the 1999 speech in front of the Cuban American National Foundation. “I’ve rejected them on the basis that I will go when Cuba is free.”

Ana Navarro-Cárdenas, Republican political pundit and outspoken Trump critic, did not hold back.

Navarro-Cárdenas is one Republican who has long stood up against President Trump. Her tweets highlighted the fact that President Trump didn’t try to do business in Cuba just once. There are several instances that show that the president tried to make business happen in Cuba.

“Putting money and investing money in Cuba right now doesn’t go to the people of Cuba,” Trump told the audience in 1999. “It goes into the pockets of Fidel Castro.”

People are not completely shocked by the news.

The Trump administration has also been tied to the Cuban government. Earlier this year, news surfaced that Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, met with “Castro’s son” in Cuba. The meeting happened in 2017 just days before the inauguration. Emails show Manafort trying to relay information from “Castro’s son” to Kathleen T. McFarland, who would go on to be the Deputy National Security Advisor for the Trump administration.

The 2020 election is going to be one of the most important elections in our lifetime. Make sure you and your friends are registered to vote and commit them to voting. You can go to or and text TODOS to 30330 today to learn what choices you have to vote in your community and get information on where and when to vote.

You vote is your voice. Make sure you use it this election. So many have fought for your right to vote.

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FIERCE Maestras Are Giving Newbie Teachers Career Advice And It’s Basically The Sweetest Thing


FIERCE Maestras Are Giving Newbie Teachers Career Advice And It’s Basically The Sweetest Thing

Joe Raedle / Getty

No matter what experiences you’ve had as a student, hopefully you have had at least a handful of teachers who left good impressions on you. As a whole class of students from this year graduate and become teachers themselves, we wanted to ask veteran maestras for advice on how to continue the cycle of positivity.

In a recent post to our Instagram page we asked all our FIERCE maestras, what advice do they have for a new teacher and boy did they deliver!

Check out the replies below!

Stay nourished.

“Advice: eat during your break girl and practice self-care.” – la_misses_m

Take it easy.

“Take it one day at a time. At times you will doubt yourself but push through the all the challenges. Always remember why you are there, which is to teach your students. You got this!! Good luck!!” – erixcii

Make sure you’re feeding your relationships.

“Focus on relationships above everything. Relationships with your students and their families!”- allirousey

Don’t forget to build relationships with your students.

“Self-care and building relationships with your students and families!!” – jazzyfue

And definitely remember to trust yourself.

“I’m an SLP, but I would tell her to trust herself!! You got this! You know your kids and you talents!” – maryoso_moli

Self-care Sundays shall your temple.

“Practice Self-care and build relationships with students. Remember to always be kind to the janitors/grounds keepers/ clerical staff (they make our jobs easier). Consider keeping a scrap book or journal of sweet notes and emails that you can look through on the tough days. Always teach with your heart and with a growth mindset; never get complacent because our profession is ever changing and we will likely never have the exact same group of kiddos again. Keep learning from your coworkers (what to do and what not to do), from your students, insta teachers, workshops, and personal experience (make notes to yourself in your planner for next year). Being organized has saved me, even on the most hectic days. Always have a back up lesson available. Empathy is key! Take. Days. Off. I know lesson plans are time consuming, but your mental health is worth prioritizing.” – cmirene

Know it gets better over time.

“The first year may be hard, but it gets better and better every year.”- yulzzzz5

Don’t be a Yes Ma’am.

“Advice: learn to say no. You’ll be super compelled to go more than above and beyond because it’s all for the kids and as much as I ADORE AND LOVE my students just as I am sure you will you need some you time. I started being the only teacher at school functions and being stressed about helping my high schoolers have the best time that I was drowning. Love them but love yourself too! You deserve you time.” – del_ranita

Don’t be a shrinking violet.

“Don’t shrink yourself to make your whyte colleagues feel comfortable. Connect with other teachers of color and ask for/give support. Lead with love for your students. They should always come first.”- queenurbie

Be an authentic leader.

“My one piece of advice is to invest time in getting to know your students, their stories and be your authentic self with them. Kids love knowing that their teachers are people and are just like them.” – meerehyah@educatinglittleminds 

And finally, remember ya live and learn!

“I remember I used to always want to be “perfect” for them and would fear making mistakes or letting them see me when things wouldn’t go right. When a lesson didn’t work out as planned. I learned to let that go and to let them see me make mistakes. It is okay! And it is okay to admit it. They’ll appreciate it! Teaches them that we aren’t all perfect and we all make mistakes-it’s a part of life. Teach on and be You! They’ll love every piece of you.” – su_heeey

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