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Republican Senator Blames Latino Community For Disproportionate COVID Case Numbers

Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina is facing pushback after claiming that Latinos don’t follow health guidelines as well as everyone else. According to Sen. Tillis’s non-scientific statement, the Republican politician claims that this is why Latinos have higher Covid-19 rates.

Republican Senator Thom Tillis claims that the Latino community is to blame for the staggering infection rate.

During a virtual town hall, Sen. Tillis claimed that Latinos are not adhering to social distancing and mask guidelines as much as the rest of the population. The announcement faced immediate backlash because studies prove that his statements are false.

According to the Pew Research Center, the Latino community is more likely to adhere to mask mandates than African-Americans and white people. Seventy-four percent of Latinos who were surveyed said they were a mask all of the time or most of the time when in a business or store with 13 percent saying they wore masks some times. Asian-Americans have the highest rate of mask-wearing with 80 percent saying they wore them all or most of the time when in a business or store. White people were last with 62 percent of them wearing masks all of most of the time in a business or store.

Some people are not letting the comment pass without a strong rebuke.

Rep. Veronica Escobar represents Texas’s 16th congressional district, which includes El Paso. Rep. Escobar was there for the community when Patrick Crusius drove to the Walmart and killed 23 people. The El Paso shooting highlighted the racism building against the Latino community with President Donald Trump’s words being echoed in his manifesto.

“Just wear the mask out of respect,” Sen. Tillis said during the town hall. “Now I will tell you I’m not a scientist and I’m not a statistician, but one of the concerns that we’ve had more recently is that the Hispanic population now constitutes about 44 percent of the positive cases, and we do have some concerns that in the Hispanic population we’ve seen less consistent adherence to social distancing and wearing a mask.”

Sen. Tillis, in his statement, overlooked the prevalence of Latinos in essential jobs.

Latino workers are among the least likely population to have jobs that they can work from home. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Latinos have had to work to provide essential services to people like grocery store employees. These people are not able to stay home and stay safe, which is why the community is at an increased risk of Covid-19 infection.

Sen. Tillis is currently in a very visible reelection and his opponent leads in the polls.

Sen. Tillis is facing a challenger in Democrat Cal Cunningham. A recent CNBC poll has Cunningham leading Sen. Tillis by ten points, 51-41. This race is one that people are watching closely to see if the Republican Party can keep their control over the Senate.

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Diego Luna’s ‘Pan Y Circo’ Is Tackling Major Issues Around The Dinner Table


Diego Luna’s ‘Pan Y Circo’ Is Tackling Major Issues Around The Dinner Table

Rich Polk / Getty Images for IMDb

Diego Luna is more than just an actor. Luna is using his name and his fame to create a space for important ideas to be discussed. His new show “Pan Y Circo” on Amazon Prime is tackling the major issues.

Diego Luna’s “Pan y Circo” is an in-your-face show tackling major issues confronting society.

“Pan y Circo” is a new Amazon Prime show created by Mexican actor Diego Luna. The actor has a table of people including politicians, activists, and entertainers. The first episode focuses on race, a topic that is seeing some global attention following recent events. The discussion got frank with Luna admitting that he has benefited from the system as it stood.

The dinner party atmosphere is something that we can relate to further drawing us into the conversation.

For Luna, according to the LA Times, the dinner conversations are a cal back to a tie when these kinds of hard discussions happened over dinner. This was a time when these kinds of conversations were taken for granted because they were so common that it was normal.

The topics are going to be tough for many in the Latino community because they are so frank.

Abortion is one of the most taboo conversations in the Latino community. The topic is something the divides the Latino community, most commonly on generational lines. Luna’s decision to take this conversation to the mainstream is a major moment for the Latino community.

The first episode of “Pan y Circo” is out now on Amazon.

The next episode will be out on Friday, August 14.

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Two Black Moms Took Their Kids To Play In A Fountain On The Mall Then Secret Service Officers Swarmed Them With Guns

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Two Black Moms Took Their Kids To Play In A Fountain On The Mall Then Secret Service Officers Swarmed Them With Guns

Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Two Black mothers headed to our nation’s capital last week to give their children some playtime in the fountains at the World War II Memorial. The day was hot and the mothers thought the memorial would be a perfect place to let their children cool down and have some fun.

Unfortunately, the day quickly turned sinister when the women and their children were swarmed by Secret Service agents who pointed a rifle at them.

Last Thursday, India Johnson, 26, and Yasmeen Winston, 25, were driving their infants to take a splash in the fountains at the memorial when a Secret Service cruiser drove into their front left bumper.

The two women have reportedly been best friends since seventh grade and are mothers to boys: 13-month-old Sir Quincy (Johnson) and six-month-old G’esus (Winston). Both Sir Quincy and G’esus were sitting in the back seat of the car that they were driving. According to the women, Mother Goose Club was playing on the radio. Then, within seconds of the Secret Service cruiser driving into their car, an officer pointed a rifle at them and yelled “Get out!” and “Put your hands in the air!”

Soon enough, more officers surrounded them with guns. Eventually, Winston and Johnson were handcuffed and separated from their children. According to both women, they were detained without being given a reason as to why and were spoken to by police officers who did not wear masks, despite the current coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Washington Post, “Initially, the women said, an officer told them the vehicle had been reported stolen and that the suspects were two Black men. But the women, both African American, said no men were with them and provided proof that Johnson was the owner. She told the Secret Service she had never reported the car stolen. Eventually, the women were released — without an apology or answers to their questions.”

Winston and Johnson are now demanding that the Secret Service investigate the incident and release the details to the public.

“This incident took place near our national monuments across from the White House,” Timothy Maloney, the women’s attorney, wrote in a letter to Secret Service Director James Murray over the weekend. “It occurred after eight weeks of unprecedented national demonstrations about excessive police conduct, some of which took place right there on Constitution Avenue. Has the Secret Service learned nothing this summer?”

Speaking about the incident Winston told the Washington Post “I could have been another Breonna Taylor. I could have been another innocent woman who has no record and got shot.”

In a statement to the Post, a Secret Service spokesperson said that they had received a “query requesting the agency investigate an alleged interaction between Uniformed Division Officers and two members of the public” and that they are looking into the incident.

Winston says she and Johnson have spent the days after the incident completely traumatized.

Winston told the Post that she is currently seeking therapy and their friend is avoiding going outside of her home. “We don’t get in trouble. Nothing like this has ever happened to us. I thought the police were here to serve and protect us, and now it’s really uncomfortable,” she explained.

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