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The Lincoln Project And Marc Anthony Release Ad Against Trump

President Trump’s record on Puerto Rico has been awful. It took years for him to approve relief funds for the island and they came during a campaign season. Marc Anthony teamed up with The Lincoln Project to call out President Trump’s response to Puerto Rico after a series of natural disasters.

Marc Anthony is calling for Puerto Ricans on the mainland to “vote him out.”

The Puerto Rican singer voiced an ad by The Lincoln Project against President Trump and his response to Hurricane Maria. In 2017, the hurricane devastated the island. Millions of Americans were without power and running water for months and thousands died. President Trump spent the time after Hurricane Maria arguing with experts over the death toll.

Anthony is proud to have been part of the campaign to get Trump out of office.

The ad shows the island struggling to recover after Maria. All throughout, the ad highlights President Trump’s failed response to the crisis. Instead of supplying aid for Puerto Rico, President Trump fought to move the funds to states impacted by other hurricanes. Meanwhile, President Trump complained publicly about needing to help Puerto Rico, even saying it threw off the budget during a press conference.

Voters are not letting his actions in Puerto Rico go unchallenged.

President Trump pushed back against relief funds for Puerto Rico for years. It wasn’t until he was running for reelection that President Trump suddenly announced relief funds. The money appeared at the same time that the Trump campaign realized that Puerto Ricans have become a formidable voting bloc in Florida, a key swing state for President Trump. Without Florida, President Trump’s likelihood of a second term shrink considerably.

Everyone remembers the infamous video of President Trump throwing paper towels.

The moment stunned people around the world. The president went to Puerto Rico after avoiding to do so for months. When he arrived, President Trump was caught on camera throwing paper towels into a crowd of Puerto Ricans. The people of Puerto Rico were desperate for aid and necessary relief to reopen schools, restore power and running water, offer food and medicine, and generally help the island. Instead, leaders on the island watched as the President of the United States threw paper towels to people in a crowd.

Some people want an ad made to target the Cuban community.

The Cuban community is notoriously conservative and many are excited for a second Trump term. The Lincoln Project has worked tirelessly to convince Republicans to vote against President Trump in the upcoming election. The Lincoln Project is a Republican organization that has focused ads on turning out voters against President Trump. Their focus has been Republican voters using Republican fear-mongering ad tactics.

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Alert La Familia! There’s a Marc Anthony Livestream Concert Coming in April


Alert La Familia! There’s a Marc Anthony Livestream Concert Coming in April


Marc Anthony will be putting on a live stream concert for his fans in April. The Nuyorican icon announced the news this week about his upcoming show Marc Anthony: One Night Only.

Anthony wants to entertain his fans from a safe distance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Life has changed us…undoubtedly,” Anthony said in a statement. “But music is still a tethering wire for us all. It allows us to continue maintaining the illusion, love, and joy alive. And although for safety reasons we cannot be face-to-face yet, I am sure this concert will create an incredible magic that will allow me to connect with my audience, wherever they are, and with all those who need a touch of my music to move forward, to maintain the passion for life.”

With hits like “Vivir Mi Vida” and the ’90s classic “I Need to Know,” there will be a lot more than “moving forward” going on during a Marc Anthony show. The salsa music giant will definitely have our parents, tías, and abuelas getting down to his songs in the living room. We’ll be up in the mix too.

Don’t miss it because the show will be “One Night Only.”

Marc Anthony: One Night Only will be live-streamed worldwide on April 17. The concert will be directed by Grammy Award-winning director Carlos Perez, who shot the music videos for “Despacito” and “Vivir Mi Vida.” Magnus Studios is producing the live stream event.

“At Magnus Studios, we have set out to create unique content and entertainment experiences for worldwide audiences,” said Felipe Pimiento, Magnus COO and head of Magnus Studios, in a statement. “Music is in our DNA and this will mark the first of many music content productions in our production pipeline. We couldn’t be prouder than starting with our own, Marc Anthony, to set the stage for what’s to come.”

Fans can buy tickets now to Marc Anthony: One Night Only at his official website here. Anthony made history back in September when his 3.0 album became the first salsa LP to be certified Diamante in the U.S.

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Olympian Laurie Hernandez Is Back And Just Gave A Powerful “Hamilton” Inspired Performance


Olympian Laurie Hernandez Is Back And Just Gave A Powerful “Hamilton” Inspired Performance

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

She’s back! After an almost five-year hiatus, Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez made her big return to competition at Saturday’s 2021 Winter Cup meet with moves to remember — set to some pretty unforgettable music, too.

The 20-year-old gold and silver medalist hit the mat with a “Hamilton”-inspired floor routine.

Laurie Hernandez just gave a stunning floor routine at the 2021 Winter Cup.

Please welcome Laurie Hernandez back to the floor! After a four-and-a-half-year hiatus, the 20-year-old Olympian showed off her strength, proving, like Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote, she is inimitable and an original.

“My first priority [at Winter Cup] is to go in and hit clean routines and show that I can be consistent,” Hernandez told NBC News. “But my next one is to enjoy myself.” It sure looks like she accomplished her goal, with nonstop energy and a smile on her face throughout her entire choreography.

As “The Room Where It Happens” played in the background, Hernandez flipped and danced her way to a 12.05 score in the event, good for an 11th-place finish in the floor exercise.

And after the USA Gymnastics Winter Cup in Indianapolis wrapped up, the noted theater fan shared her routine on Twitter and asked for feedback from “Hamilton” creator Lin Manuel Miranda and actor Leslie Odom Jr. — who sang “The Room Where It Happens” as Aaron Burr in the original cast.

This weekend’s performance was her first since stealing hearts during the 2016 Rio games.

Hernandez was part of the Team USA “Final Five” squad that won gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics. But following those games she took a step back from competition, later revealing that former coach Maggie Haney was emotionally and verbally abusive toward her. The gymnast dealt with depression and eating disorders as a result.

Hernandez said it wasn’t until years later that she realized her love of the sport could be separated from the trauma she experienced. “I thought I hated gymnastics, and it wasn’t until mid-2018 I realized that it was the people that made the experience bad, not the sport itself,” she explained on Instagram.

Though she already has a gold medal from the team all-around and a silver medal from her 2016 individual performance on the beam, Hernandez is now ramping up for more challenging competitions over the next several months with the hopes of qualifying for the Olympics this summer. But with a crowded field vying against her for just four roster spots, securing a bid to Tokyo will undoubtedly be an uphill battle.

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