In Latino culture, the most important figure in the family will always be Abuela. 

Our grandmothers are not just the pillars that hold the family up but our confidantes, fearless defenders, and greatest loves. Many of us were raised by our Abuelas so that our parents could work, and while we may have grown up and moved away, the memories we built will stay with us forever. 

In celebration of the new Grandma McFlurry at McDonald’s we’re reminiscing on our favorite items always found at Abuela’s house. 

La bata de casa

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While abuelas never left the house without their red lipstick and pearls, they wore their bata de casa like a uniform at home. The comfy bathrobe, usually adorned with embroidered flowers or faux animal print, was a staple of household fashion.

Strawberry candies and caramels

We will never know how long those candies were sitting in our abuela’s house or how our teeth survived chewing on them, but they were always available. However, they were excellent for throwing around to your cousins. 

A sewing kit disguised as Danish butter cookies

While butter cookies constantly eluded us, if we ever needed a needle and thread, we knew where to go. 

Walks to the park

While abuelas loved being cooped up at home, you could always enlist them for a nice evening stroll, especially if it was to get some ice cream at the park. After all, what’s nicer than playing to our heart’s content while Abuela sits down with a sundae?


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Latinos run on seasoning and, of course, cafecito. If there’s one thing you can always count on at Abuela’s house, it’s a fresh pot of coffee.

Homemade desserts 

Just as there’s always food at Abuela’s house, homemade desserts are their specialty. Who didn’t indulge in some arroz con leche, natilla, or fresh-baked conchas growing up?

Dancing in the kitchen

Before she was your grandmother, Abuela was the queen of the dance floor. While most of us are now getting on TikTok dance trends, you can thank those days when you were making arepas to the sound of Héctor Lavoe for your dance moves.

Pictures of the entire family

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No one is prouder of the family she’s built than Abuela, which is why she always proudly displays family photos for all to see. 

Watching all the telenovelas 

At Abuela’s house there’s one thing you can’t mess with— telenovela programming. When 7 PM rolled around, you better get off the television set and let her catch all the latest chisme. Or else.

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