George Lopez Recalls The One Time He Golfed With Donald Trump

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live! / YouTube

“They bring carne asada, they bring carnitas, they bring frijoles…”

Comedian George Lopez has been pretty vocal about his opposition to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. He’s appeared in Trump parody videos, he’s taken to Twitter to fire shots at Trump, and he recently posted this photo on Instagram:

During a recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Lopez revealed that he once golfed with Donald Trump — nearly a decade ago. Lopez said that Trump, who arrived to the golf course in a private helicopter, invited him to stay for lunch. After offering Lopez some of the standard fare available at the golf course, Trump (and Lopez) were surprised to learn that there was a secret menu created for one of them.

WATCH: George Lopez Turns The Tables And Gives Trump A Taste Of His Own B.S.

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The Names Of Selena's Lipsticks Are Out And Each Name Is Adorable!


The Names Of Selena’s Lipsticks Are Out And Each Name Is Adorable!

MAC Cosmetics just released a new preview of their Selena line, and we’re totally falling in love.

For those of us who’ve been waiting 20-some years, this new collection is topping the happiness chart. The late goddess-among-women always managed to look flawless with her golden skin, poppin’ cheeks and lips like cherry wine – and now we’ll be able to flaunt a similar look!

The #MACSelena collection includes three lipsticks and they have the cutest names! There’ the dark red (Dreaming Of You), light red (Como La Flor) and one so brown you’ll think you wandered onto the set of “Amor Prohibido,” which happens to be the name of that lipstick. The line also includes two eyeshadows, the purple is appropriately named Selena, and the pink is called Fotos Y Recuerdos. The Techno Cumbia blush duo comes in Ven Conmigo and Blunt, which reflect her bold makeup choices and cheery spirit. “I wanted the colors to be about her personality, what she wore on and offstage,” said Selena’s sister, Suzette Quintanilla, who helped craft the collection.

To ensure this ?? isn’t you, you can pre-order the much-anticipated new line if you’re a MAC Select member.


Relax, you can still sign up.

Selena Gomez’s First Make Up Tutorial Is Out And It’s Everything

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