Emotions Are Running High After Lauren Jauregui Was Photographed Kissing Carlos Vives’ Daughter

A leaked photo of Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui kissing Lucy Vives, the daughter of Colombian singer Carlos Vives, has sent Harmonizers into an emotional battle. Some are excited for the revelation,  supporting the Cuban-American pop star, and some are devastated that Camren might be over. Here’s how it all went down on Twitter…

Here are the photos that started the whole ordeal.

According to Latina, Lauren Jauregui was attending a family wedding when the photos were taken and they were ultimately leaked.

Immediately, fans were heartbroken that Camren might be over.

Camren is the relationship name given to the fan-theorized relationship between Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui.

And others are just so happy that Jauregui is doing what she wants to do.

How nice to see fans stick by their faves.

A handful of fans just don’t understand why people even care about a same-sex kiss.

Yeah. They could totally just be friends who like to kiss and bite lips. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

People want others to stop trying to label the pop singer because she should be allowed to live her life as she wants.


For the most part fans want Jauregui to be happy.


But there are a few feeling a little jealousy after the photo was leaked.

Like, who wouldn’t want to get a kiss from Jauregui?

Fans are sending her messages of love and acceptance.

Hopefully Jauregui will see the message and realize just how much her fans love her.

They’re even pissed that someone would put their girl’s private life out there like that.

Unfortunately, social media is quickly and aggressively erasing the line between a private and public life.

Issues have been raised about the invasion of privacy this leaked photo is causing.

Though, tbh, it seems like fans are loving her even more since the photo came to light. #NotADefense

Though, let’s not forget that some fans are legit grieving the end of #Camren.

No llores, mijita. It was just a kiss. For all we know, Camren is still alive and well.

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