Boricua Heartthrobs Lyanno and Rauw Alejandro Team Up in “Poderosa” Music Video

Lyanno and Rauw Alejandro are back at it again in “Poderosa.” The Puerto Rican heartthrobs regroup for a party in the colorful music video.

Lyanno and Rauw Alejandro are part of the rising R&B and reggaeton music wave.

Lyanno and Alejandro are part of the new wave of artists who blending reggaeton music with an R&B edge. The two rising stars have collaborated multiple times in the past, including on last year’s steamy smash “En Tu Cuerpo” remix with fellow Boricua Lenny Távarez and Argentine singer Maria Becerra.

“Apart from being colleagues, [Me and Rauw are] great friends,” Lyanno told LaMezcla last year. “We came out more or less around the time and he’s always supported me and I’ve always supported him. That’s why we’re always collaborating.”

The Boricua dream team is back together for “Poderosa.”

“Poderosa” marks the first time in a while where it’s just the dream team together. The song was produced by Puerto Rican duo Subelo NEO, who is most known for Bad Bunny’s “Yo Perreo Sola.” Lyanno’s sultry voice is rounded out by Alejandro’s magical touch as they sing about a powerful woman that’s got a hold on them. This alluring reggaeton romp is undeniable with these two back together.

The “Poderosa” music video was directed by Gus. Lyanno and Alejandro lead a big party in the middle of the desert. They have everyone under their spell and dancing to their song. As if the desert wasn’t hot enough, this duo manages to turn up the heat.

Alejandro has been booked and busy this year. In the past few months, he’s teamed up with artists like Selena Gomez and Bad Gyal. Most recently, Alejandro joined forces with Puerto Rican singer Alex Rose for the super sexy “Me Fije.”

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Panamanian Star Sech’s ’42’ Album is Here: Our 5 Favorite Songs


Panamanian Star Sech’s ’42’ Album is Here: Our 5 Favorite Songs


Sech is back with his new album 42. The Panamanian superstar keeps it short and sweet with 11 new songs. He also teams up with Boricua OGs like Wisin y Yandel and Nicky Jam.

Sech has scored plenty of hits thanks to his unique R&B and reggaeton blend.

Since breaking out in 2019, Sech has scored a global hit every year. He broke into the Billboard Hot 100 top 40 with his smash “Otro Trago” featuring Darell. Last year, Sech scored another hit with “Relación,” which also impressively charted on the Hot 100 at No. 64. Later he dropped a remix with Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, Farruko, and Spanish pop star Rosalía.

Sech’s 42 album is named after the number that baseball icon Jackie Robison used on his jersey.

42 is Sech’s third album. This follows last year’s 1 of 1, which featured “Relación.” He claims that this one is his most personal release yet.

“This album represents the stories that most marked my life,” Sech said in a statement. “I am happy to share it because I feel like I can show a little more of where I come from, who I am  – as an artist and as a person – and all the struggle I’ve overcome to get where I am now in my life.”

Latido Music is here to highlight five of our favorite songs on Sech’s new LP.

“Sal y Perrea”

“Sal y Perrea” is the new single from Sech’s 42 album. His advice for living your best life sounds like a delicious drink recipe. This Panamanian perreo certainly packs a punch. Sech is the life of the party in the beachside music video.  


Sech aligns with the present and future of Puerto Rican superstars in “Playa.” He teams up with OG Nicky Jam and rising artist Rauw Alejandro. The trio of ladies’ men turns up the heat with this sensual reggaeton romp. Sech isn’t playing any games on “Playa.”

“Pata’ Abajo”

Sech has a bit of a throwback moment with “Pata’ Abajo.” The song opens with a snippet of Boricua OGs Wisin y Yandel’s classic “Dembow.” The dúo dinámico then joins Sech for his refreshing perreo banger that takes their aggressive sound into the future. The self-proclaimed “El Peluche” has got some edge here.


Sech first previewed his 42 album in February with the single “911.” He answered the emergency call for perreo that we had this year. In this scorching kiss-off anthem, Sech goes off on an ex who wants to come back into his life. His piercing lyrics might require some medical attention.

“Feliz de Mentira”

Sech blends his signature R&B and reggaeton sound with a mariachi band in “Feliz de Mentira.” Sech with a regional Mexican music edge is everything. His soulful voice seamlessly finds its footing with the Mexican band, showing just how versatile of an artist that Sech is.  

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Venezuela’s Big Soto Breakout: Our 5 Favorite Songs on ‘The Good Trip’


Venezuela’s Big Soto Breakout: Our 5 Favorite Songs on ‘The Good Trip’


Venezuela’s Latin trap pioneer Big Soto is breaking through with his new album The Good Trip. Across the 19 songs, the rising rapper shows his versatility as an artist, dabbling in R&B, pop, and reggaeton sounds.

Big Soto first generated buzz in 2018 with “Perdon Mama.”

Big Soto released his first album Young Cream in 2017. In the past few years, the 24-year-old has translated his success in Venezuela to the rest of the world. One of the first hits to take off beyond his country was 2018’s “Perdon Mama.” The music video has over 28 million views on YouTube.

Big Soto went global last year with rising stars Natanael Cano and Ovi.

To further extend his reach, Big Soto has also aligned with artists from around the globe. His biggest hit to date is “Vengo De Nada,” his collaboration with Mexican superstars Natanael Cano and Alemán and Cuban rapper Ovi. The song uniquely blended Cano and Ovi’s corridos tumbados sound with the Latin trap that Big Soto is known for.

On The Good Trip, Big Soto teams up with more global artists to diversify his sound. Latido Music is here to pick five of our favorite songs on his breakthrough LP.

“Estrés” with Lyanno and Lérica

Big Soto steps out of his Latin trap comfort zone with Puerto Rican singer Lyanno and Spanish group Lérica. The feel good song about leaving the stress behind blends Lyanno’s reggaeton edge with Lérica’s flamenco-pop sound. It’s great to hear Big Soto lighten up and let himself go to the music.

“Lloro” with Micro TDH

Big Soto aligns with another of Venezuela’s rising stars, Micro TDH. This is one of the more sensual moments on the album. This blend of R&B and reggaeton music is simply irresistible.

“KEKE” with Noriel

In “KEKE,” Big Soto teams up with another Latin trap pioneer, Noriel. This is a knockout collaboration filled with plenty of lyrical fire. Big Soto is in his element and Noriel is his perfect complement here.

“Te Conozco” with Amenazzy

“Te Conozco” is another sexy moment on The Good Trip. Big Soto teams up with Dominican singer Amenazzy. The duo comes through with a slick reggaeton-pop bop. Amenazzy is a breath of fresh air on the LP.

“No Me Sale”

One of the more understated moments on The Good Trip is “No Me Sale.” This is an atmospheric ballad where Big Soto sings his heart out. It’s a song that allows the rapper to show a vulnerable side to his artistry.

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