Colombian Singer Llane Talks Going Solo, Resilience And New Single “Presente y Futuro”

In his new single “Presente y Futuro,” Colombian Llane sings about having a bright future. The reggaeton-pop song reflects the former Piso 21 member’s own journey as a solo artist. In the two years since leaving the band, Llane is finding there are no limits to what he can do. In an interview with Latido Music, Llane talked about his recent hits, his resilience, and his album that’s coming soon, Presente.

Llane has faced a lot of grief in his life.

“Today I get to tell my story,” Llane tells mitú about his solo career. “Now everything gets to revolve around my story and my life.”

In Feb. 2019, Llane shocked the world when he announced his departure from Piso 21. He’s had a difficult life. When Llane was a child, his father was kidnapped and murdered during a period of violence in Medellín. A few months after he left Piso 21, his mother passed away. Llane documented his struggles and his hopes to change the stigmas surrounding Colombia in the video “La Vida Continúa.”

“I like when people can identify with me,” Llane says. “I like when people can relate with my positive thoughts. What I have in mind now is clean thanks to God. I had to decontaminate myself of a lot of things because I’m a person who lived through those stigmas. Now I feel like I’m at my equilibrium.”

Llane officially launched his solo career towards the end of 2019.

Llane officially launched his solo career in Oct. 2019 with his debut single “Más De Ti.” The bubbly love song would reflect that positivity that he embraces in his life now. Similarly in “Será” with fellow Colombiano Manuel Turizo, they sing about overcoming difficulties in a relationship.

“[My songs are] a story of love,” Llane says. “Like when a girlfriend makes you feel a mountain of emotions or warms your soul. Each song has different feeling. I also like to talk about myself. Where I’m going. About my land Medellín. I like to put out there how I view life.”

Llane can do it all, including boleros.

Llane might seem like another reggaetonero, but he’s an all-around pop star. The diversity of his songs reflect that well. “Insisto” is a hard-hitting ballad and the beautiful “Como Antes” is his pop bolero. Llane cites people like Spanish singer Rosalía and Nuyorican icon Marc Anthony as examples of those versatile artists that he hopes to be like.

“You have to make good use of what you have inside you,” Llane says. “Some people can improvise well. Some can make great songs for other artists. Everyone has their own thing. How great it is to be able to make good use of all of that.”

Llane is looking forward with his new single “Presente y Futuro.”

Llane’s new single “Presente y Futuro” best exemplifies his positive state of mind. With Puerto Rican artists Zion and Alvaro Diaz, they sing about taking advantage of the opportunities in front of you. At the same time, they’re trying to woo their lovers with sweet words about the future. The song was also inspired by global quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I dedicate ‘Presente y Futuro’ to all of us for being such fighters,” Llane says. “For loving and valuing each other, so that we can move forward. We value more the people who love us. We love ourselves more and the future we’re going to build will be better.”

Llane admires the bravery of his fans in the LGBTQ+ community.

In most of Llane’s music videos, the man has his shirt all the way unbuttoned or he’s completely shirtless. In “Presente y Futuro,” the talented dancer is busting a move sin camisa. Like the other Latin pop stars, they all have their fans and admirers in the LGBTQ+ community. Llane lights up when I ask him if he has a message of support for the community.

“I believe they’re brave people and I admire that,” Llane says. “The bravery to accept yourself as who you are is something that we all need to do. I applaud them for having the power to face the difficult decision of talking openly about things and putting them on the table. That’s something I value a lot.”

Right now Llane is living his best life.

As for what’s next, Llane’s debut album is Presente is due out in September. He’s also a judge on The Masked Singer in Colombia. Llane will later make his acting debut soon in a series that he’s shooting.

“There’s going to be collaborations that my fans will love,” Llane says. “[As a solo artist], I can make all my dreams a reality now. I believe that my present moment is an excellent moment.”

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Colombia’s Manuel Medrano Talks Spreading Love And “Luz” With His Songs, Working With Nile Rodgers


Colombia’s Manuel Medrano Talks Spreading Love And “Luz” With His Songs, Working With Nile Rodgers


Since breaking out as a singer-songwriter in 2015 with “Bajo El Agua,” Manuel Medrano has dabbled in many genres. What lies at the core of his songs is a message of love that is powered by his soulful voice. In the past few years, the Colombian musician has worked with J Balvin’s collaborators and funk legend Nile Rodgers. In an interview with Latido Music, Medrano talks about his biggest hits, winning two Latin Grammys, and his new single “Hay Una Luz Dentro De Ti.”

Manuel Medrano was gifted a guitar as a Christmas present after he flunked a year in school.

Medrano became a musician thanks to his parents punishing him with a guitar after he wasn’t doing so great in school. To think that we could’ve been robbed of this great talent from Cartagena if he was given a different Christmas gift.

“I wanted another gift, but they gave me a guitar because I flunked a year in school,” Medrano tells mitú. “It was the best gift of my life. I didn’t know it at the time because I didn’t know how to play guitar or anything about music.”

Manuel won the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist in 2016.

In 2015, Medrano would break out of Colombia and onto the international stage with his single “Bajo El Agua.” The guitar-driven ballad was included on his self-titled album a year later that garnered him two Latin Grammy Awards for Best New Artist and for Best Singer-Songwriter Album.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Medrano says about his wins. “I almost fainted. That’s definitely one of the best moments in my life that I’ll always treasure in my heart. [‘Bajo El Agua’] brought me so much happiness because a lot of people in the world connected with that song.”

Despite his love songs, Manuel Medrano admits he’s not a very romantic person.

Medrano is one of the most romantic musicians out there. His songs are either the sweet side of love or the sensual side. I ask him where does that romantic energy comes from.

Medrano laughs and says, “I’m going to be very honest with you, I’m not that romantic. I think it’s the women that inspire me. The beauty of women. It’s everything they make me feel that lets me write romantic music. With love, you can transmit very beautiful things. Not just love between couples, but self-love and love for the world. That’s what can make the world a better place.”

“Mi Otra Mitad” is a bop! It’s hard to believe that some people don’t like it.

Two of Medrano’s sexier songs are “Mi Otra Mitad” and “Buena.” On the former, he’s a smooth operator over an R&B sound. Medrano’s also got the moves in the colorful music video. The departure from the old sound he admits had turned off some of his fans.

“It’s one of my favorite songs right now,” Medrano says. “It’s funny because that’s one of my songs that some people don’t like, but it’s generated a positive impact on an audience that wasn’t familiar with me before.”

In “Buena,” he worked with J Balvin’s frequent collaborators, Feid and Mosty.

In “Buena,” Medrano blended his R&B sound with a Latin trap edge. He worked on that song with fellow Colombian musicians Mosty and Feid, who are the duo behind J Balvin’s early hits like “Ginza.” This is Medrano’s bedroom banger.

“I worked with Mosty and Rafael [Arcaute],” Medrano recalls. “We did a writing session in Medellín. We invited Feid who was nearby in the city. That tremendous song came out. Feid is a huge talent in music for writing. Rafa and Mosty are beasts with producing as well.”

Last year, Manuel Medrano had his “dream” collaboration with Nile Rodgers.

Medrano is also breaking through the Anglo market. While in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, he worked with icon Nile Rodgers for the song “Cielo.” Medrano seamlessly finds his groove in Rodgers’ funky guitar rhythm.

“Mind-blowing!” Medrano exclaims about the experience. “It’s a dream come true that I worked with Nile Rodgers. I admire him. I love his work. It was a little while before I could meet him because we worked from a distance. To me, he’s a phenomenal person with a giant heart. I’ve followed his career since I was young. It was an honor.”

His new single “Hay Una Luz Dentro de Ti” is an anthem for everyone.

In April, Medrano returned with his new single “Hay Una Luz Dentro de Ti.” The message behind the empowering ballad is clear as day: everyone has their light that allows them to shine in their own way. That message Medrano mentions is for every person listening, including his fans in the LGBTQ+ community.

“It’s a message of love that’s directed at every person to keep creating a better world,” Medrano says. “It’s a message directed at respect and tolerance for love and friendship. It’s a clear message to all communities. That’s definitively my message with my music. Every time I write a song, I write it with that purpose. That it touches the heart of every person and transforms their lives in a positive way.”

On his next album, Manuel is going to keep experimenting with different sounds.

As for what’s next, Medrano says “Hay Una Luz Dentro de Ti” is the kickoff release for his next album that’s due in the second half of 2021. The album will be 13 new tracks and there will be a documentary covering how it came together. As he works towards live shows pending the pandemic, Medrano promises will be some virtual ones in the future.

“There’s the Manuel that wants to experiment, work with different people, and who wants to learn,” he adds. “Also, there’s the Manuel that people are familiar with from my first album, the singer-songwriter and guitar-player. That Manuel will always be there. Those are going to be the two facets that are present in my albums.”   

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Mexican Alternative Singer Ed Maverick Talks Debut LP ‘Eduardo’ And C. Tangana Collaboration


Mexican Alternative Singer Ed Maverick Talks Debut LP ‘Eduardo’ And C. Tangana Collaboration


Mexican singer-songwriter Ed Maverick released his debut album Eduardo on April 30. On the 12-track set, he continues to blend elements of traditional Mexican music with his alternative edge that’s made him a revelation in the industry. In an interview with Latido Music, Maverick talked about the LP, navigating the attention around his music, and collaborating with rappers like C. Tangana and Muellas de Gallo.

Ed Maverick first made an impact with his single “Fuentes de Ortiz.”

Maverick broke out in 2019 thanks to his stunning single “Fuentes de Ortiz.” In a Mexican music scene that was becoming stagnant, his piercing voice cut through the clutter. Off the success of that song, the Chihuahua native was scheduled to perform at Coachella and Lollapalooza before the COVID-19 pandemic canceled those festivals.

“My environment changed in so many ways,” Maverick tells mitú. “[The song] put me at the place that I’m in now. It changed my life completely from before, a life that I had to leave behind for another.”

Ed Maverick is adjusting to all the attention that his music is generating online.

As Maverick’s star was rising, the 20-year-old faced intense online bullying on Twitter. With over 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify, there are tons of people that are connecting with his music. That’s something that he’s still getting used to.

“When there are that many people that you can’t discern what’s happening, you can confuse the illusion with reality,” Maverick says “That’s the case for me at least when it comes to having the attention of that many people. It’s something I had to face at the end of the day because this music is my job.”

This year Ed Maverick teamed up with C. Tangana.

In another major moment in Maverick’s career, Spanish rapper C. Tangana enlisted him for “Pártame La Cara.” The song was included on C. Tangana’s stellar album El Madrileño. The genre-bending collaboration blended Tangana’s trap edge with Maverick’s Mexican folk music.

“The process of writing with C. Tangana was very coincidental,” Maverick says. “When C. Tangana offered me the collaboration, I was literally listening to him. He sent me a message through Instagram. When he asked me about the song, I told him of course. He sent things. I recorded my ideas. He restructured the song with new ideas. We reviewed it and recorded a few more things and that’s how the song came out.”

“Ensenada” is a beautiful moment on his Eduardo album.

For being such a reserved person in real life, Maverick bears his heart and soul in the lyrics of his music. That’s especially the case for the self-titled album where he visits themes of love, loss, and learning from those experiences with his somber tunes. One of the standouts in the first half of the LP is “Ensenada,” which was based on his time in the Baja California city.

“That was about a person that I went out with,” Maverick says. “Later when we were far away from each other, we had to end it. We shared a lot of beautiful moments together. It’s one of the happiest songs I’ve ever made. It’s a great chapter in my life that left an impression on me. We were in Tijuana and Ensenada. We were looking into the sky and doing all the things I like to do. It’s one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever shared with someone.”

A surprise moment on Eduardo is Maverick’s collaboration with Muelas de Gallo.

On the other end of the album, Ed Maverick teamed up with Mexican rapper Muelas de Gallo. Their collaboration “Niño” mixes Ed’s acoustic sound with Muelas’ hip-hop flow. In the music video, Muelas gives Ed and his friends a lift after their car breaks down.

“We have a great connection,” Maverick says. “He invited me to a podcast he did called Radio Suena Recio, and we wrote the song from there. He’s a very detailed person in the way he expresses himself with words. Rappers have the stigmas that they only talk about smoking weed, money, and women when that’s the case for a majority of them. With Muela it was a great experience because it’s the first time I took one of my ideas and went all-in with it.”

Maverick has previously described his songs as “música para compas.”

As an artist, Maverick has never been concerned with numbers, though his music is pulling in plenty of them. He sees Eduardo as another project of his that he’s releasing solely for his love of making music.

“My music is not anything egocentric,” Maverick says. “I make music for myself. I need to express myself with my music and if someone identifies with it, qué ching*n.”

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