Roll out your yoga mat for this one-of-a-kind program from the most trusted yoga platform and the world’s leading nonprofit fighting against breast cancer.

YogaWorks has launched a groundbreaking partnership with Susan G. Komen® and created YogaWorks Pink: the very first restorative fitness yoga program dedicated to everyone affected by breast cancer. 

The collaboration took off on “Good Morning America” over the weekend by the campaign’s fearless leader, Samantha Harris, a breast cancer survivor, television presenter, certified health coach, and yoga aficionado. Harris discovered a lump in her breast 11 days after a clear mammogram in 2014, and is now helping spread awareness in this global effort.

As a matter of fact, breast cancer affects one in eight women, making it one of the most common cancers. Specifically, Latinas are often diagnosed when the cancer is in advanced stages, and they are 30% more likely to die from it compared non-Hispanic white women. Taking preventative action — like scheduling regular mammograms and performing self-exams — helps give peace of mind, and can even save a life.

What’s included in this partnership?

YogaWorks Pink is giving away three free months of live and on-demand yoga classes to every person affected by breast cancer, including patients, survivors, family, and caregivers. After the first three months, a discounted rate takes effect, and 25% of the membership fee will go to Susan G. Komen® now through Dec. 31.

The YogaWorks Pink Library is home to carefully curated yoga classes and resources for people who are in treatment and recovery from breast cancer. Classes include stress and anxiety-relieving meditations and deep breathing. Equally important, gentle poses with modifications are demonstrated for those with limited mobility.

Plus, members will have access to YogaWorks’ collection of over 1,300 on-demand classes and over 25 live classes each day. Not to mention that they’re led by the very best instructors from all around the world!

How does yoga help people affected by breast cancer?

Firstly, yoga is one of the most effective therapies for managing the side effects of breast cancer and its treatment. Yoga can lower a survivor’s risk of recurrence, and can improve energy levels and sleep.

Healthy habits are not only great for your physical well-being, but they’re beneficial to your mental health. Mindfulness — the awareness of your thoughts and feelings — is a main focus of this practice. Additionally, side effects like anxiety, fatigue, stress, and pain can ease, leading to a better quality of life. 

What can I do to support this cause?

Without a doubt, spreading awareness is still a huge way you can join the fight to end breast cancer. Showing support online or in-person with your community helps survivors and patients know that they can get through it.

By joining YogaWorks Pink as a supporter at the discounted rate of $29.99 per month, you directly support this partnership. A quarter of the proceeds will go to Susan G. Komen®, which funds research to find a cure, provides access to affordable care and resources, and advocates for patients.