Are you using the “upside-down” lash curler to enhance your eyelashes? According to TikTok, that oracle of all things collective, if you are not using this method to curl your lashes, you are probably doing it wrong.

The upside-down method was initially shared on TikTok by beauty creator Audrey Boos. In the clip, she flips the curler upside down for beautiful results. 

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But wait. This is not new; it’s a fresh take on an old beauty secret — an ancient Latina beauty secret. 

We Latinas have known this forever because our Abuelas and Tias taught us how to curl our lashes upside down with — a spoon. 

Let me be honest — I have never been a fan of the lash curler because it looks like an instrument of torture. I have always preferred the kitchen utensil. 


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So, here is how it’s done 

First, find a spoon from your kitchen, preferably a small spoon or a teaspoon (with a large spoon, it’s much more challenging). 

Then, sanitize it to ensure it’s clean because it will be near your eyes.  

The next step is to find the part of the spoon that curves slightly — just before the front tip — and align it with your eyelashes and lash line. 

Rest it gently in the alignment, then take your eyelashes and sweep the spoon through your fingertips while gently pulling the lashes upwards. 

Take the lashes and start at the bottom, slowly working toward the tips. Sweep each area, and you will give your lashes a spoon curl that will be better than any eyelash curler ever did.  

Don’t pull too hard, or you will damage your eyelashes. Instead, just curl upwards gently, and the effect is the same (and, in my opinion, much better) as the upside-down method touted by TikToc. 

Some women heat their spoon with a blower to get even longer lashes. 


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It’s a Latina life hack—a beauty tip and trick that will never let you down 

This Latina even tried to patent it. Her marketing mantra is that it is as easy as curling a ribbon — and painless. 

In our world — by that, I mean Latinas — eyelashes are vital because they frame the windows to our soul — our eyes. 

Think of stunning Mexican actresses Dolores del Rio, Lupe Vélez, and Dominican Maria Montez and their beautiful lashes highlighting gorgeous eyes. 

Especially Montez when she played Sherazade in Arabian Nights — the eyes and long lashes told the tale of “A Thousand and One Nights.”

So, forget the upside-down method touted on Tik Tok and take the Latina route — use a spoon.