Nadia Dominguez, otherwise known as “Lady Sandía,” is going viral on social media for carving incredible portraits on unlikely canvases: watermelons.

Dominguez explained to mitú her idea began as a hobby many years ago when she included a watermelon in a photoshoot for her daughter. However, her watermelon art is now a booming business, attracting stars like Becky G and Peso Pluma.

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And yes, her sandía art pieces are very impressive. Check out her portrait of our favorite Benito here, complete with his “Un Verano Sin Ti”-era hat and all:

While Dominguez tells mitú her portraits on watermelons take her several hours, she says it is “100%” worth it. Meeting all her favorite celebrities through her magnificent art, Lady Sandía is a jefa you should know about.

Lady Sandía’s watermelon art started off nine years ago during her baby’s photoshoot

One look at Nadia Dominguez’s Instagram shows just how many A-list celebrities she has met through her portraits on watermelons. This list includes Karol G, Peso Pluma, Sebastián Yatra, and many more.

People get a huge kick out of her super-realistic carvings, and celebs like Becky G are more than happy to get their very own sandía:

However, Dominguez explained to us that her watermelon art started off as a photoshoot idea for her baby.

“Nine years ago, I got the idea to put my baby inside a watermelon and take cute photos of her,” she recalled. “And approximately four years ago, I started carving names and drawings in watermelons.”

While “Lady Sandía” has always stayed true to her passion for all things watermelon, she always felt “something was missing.” In fact, Dominguez knew she had even more potential, and that’s when she started making her uncanny portraits.

“I tried carving a face and I started practicing a lot,” she said, recalling all her hard work. “Now, I feel happy about my progress.”

Still, she’s not resting on her laurels— she’s much more interested in growth. “I still have to finish learning how to do 3D carvings,” she said. We can’t wait to see more!

Dominguez has met Becky G, Peso Pluma, and Karol G through her art on watermelons

Today, Dominguez is happy to share her epic watermelon art with the world— and has met many celebrities in the process.

“All of the experiences I have had so far have been very beautiful,” she described. Still, giving Becky G her own sandía was a particularly special moment for her. “I felt so excited when Becky G mentioned seeing my art and I saw her reaction.”

Dominguez added that meeting singer Natalia Jimenez was fantastic as well: “[She] treated me super well, she took the time to see it and thank me for the watermelon.”

Dominguez is nowhere near done with her passion: “I still have other celebrities to meet.” Still, she is extremely “thankful” for her comunidad’s support.

“At the moment, I don’t have words to express how thankful I am with every artist that takes the time to see the art I make on watermelons,” she described on an emotional note. And even though her portraits take “five to six hours,” they are “100% worth” the effort.

An especially epic moment? When Dominguez gave Karol G her own carved watermelon as the singer was walking on the street with her sister and niece:

Lady Sandía wrote at the time, “Thank you, Karol G, so pretty… and her sister, very kind.” She added how meeting the “Bichota” singer was such a “unique experience.”

Here is a closer look of Karol G’s impressive watermelon:


Here is Dominguez also meeting Peso Pluma, which she says left her with “no words”:

Sebastián Yatra also got the watermelon treatment, with Dominguez calling him an “excellent person”:

One more watermelon carving we had to include? The artist’s sandía for Selena Quintanilla, a beautiful tribute: