It’s not always easy growing up with curly hair. In many cultures—and especially throughout Latinidad—straight hair is considered the most desirable type of hair. Even (or especially) in cultures with large Afro-Latino populations, straight hair has always been considered pelo bueno. If you have naturally curly hair, some tías chismosas still like to refer to this as pelo malo.

Because of this hurtful (and inappropriate) stigma, many Latinas have relied on heat styling and chemical straighteners to iron out their beautiful rizos. As a Black woman, I know I have definitely been seduced by the lure of wanting “good hair.”

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A few years ago, after a lifetime of battling and resenting my curly hair, I decided to take the plunge and get a Brazilian blowout.

Pre and Post Brazilian blowout. Courtesy Andrea Reindl.

At first, I was thrilled. My hair was never frizzy—in fact, it was effortlessly stick-straight. It took me minimal time to get ready and I never dreaded wash day. Also, I wasn’t dropping hundreds of dollars a year on hair products.

But it’s been years now, and my curly hair still isn’t what it used to be pre-Brazilian blowout. And now, like many women, I have decided that I am going to embark on my very own natural hair journey. That means no chemical straighteners, very little heat, and continuous trimming or cutting of the dead, damaged hair on my ends. I can’t wait to get back to my roots—pun intended.

As part of my natural hair journey, I headed straight to Instagram to figure out the best tips and tricks of the natural hair life. And along the way, I found tons of Latina influencers who, like me, are also on their own natural hair journey. Here are 11 Latina natural hair influencers I follow on Instagram for inspiration.

1. Alba Ramos

The OG Latina curlstagram influencer, Alba Ramos (previously known as SunkissAlba) has been revealing her curly hair secrets since 2010—practically the YouTube dark ages. She recently rebranded to Mrs. Alba Ramos to reflect her more mature place in life. She focuses on natural and organic haircare products.

2. Sheila Varela

Influencer and early childhood educator Sheila Varela didn’t know what her natural hair actually looked like until she went on her curly hair journey. “I was 10 years old when I had my first hair relaxer done,” she recently wrote on her Instagram page. After she developed “severe skin dermatitis in my face and scalp,” she had to stop using heat on her hair or suffer the consequences. Since then, her hair has blossomed into full and bouncy rizos!

3. Airamdiné Rivera

This Boricua’s curly will make you want to throw away your straightening iron forever. Check out her defined, voluminous curls—as well as her routine—at @airamdinerivera.

4. Curly Lala

Not only does this curly-haired Boricua offer curly haircare tips, but she also posts other curly-related inspo posts, like “If it doesn’t nourish your hair or your soul, let it go.” Have truer words ever been spoken? We think not. Follow her here.

5. Jeimily López

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For all you short-haired curly gals, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’ve just gone through the big chop or if you love the look of short tresses, Jeimily’s Instagram page will give you everything you want and more. Like many curly influencers, Jeimily started off with flat, damaged hair, but with paciencia y fé, she revived them into glossy rizos.

6. Alexandra aka @curly.alnatural

This Colombiana living in Chicago decided to embrace her natural loose curls after years of heat styling. She gives amazing tips on how to trust in the process when you’re in the middle of transitioning. Check out her journey and curl inspo on @curly.alnatural.

7. Kitzelreyes

Despite what the media might tell you, Caribbean Latinos are not the only ones with curly hair. Mexicana mamá @Kitzelreyes recommends high-quality products to nail your curly-hair routine.

8. Ria aka Thelatinahairfluencer

Venezuelan natural hair influencer Ria says she started her curly hair journey to “reconnect” with her roots. Like many hairstagram influencers, she highly recommends documenting your progress to keep you committed to the heat-less lifestyle.

9. Adriana Paiva

Adriana Paiva gives hairspiration to all of the plus-size Latinas who don’t see themselves on Instagram. Check out @hercurvesinspire for curly hair ideas as well as body positivity posts.

10. Franchelli Rodriguez-Grullon

Not only does Franchelli have a thriving YouTube channel, but her Instagram page is also on fleek. Check out this Latina’s feed at @chelliscurls.

11. Hortencia aka Stylefeen

If you love curls with volume, this Brazilian beauty has the Instagram page for you. Scroll through her @stylefeen Instagram feed and be amazed at her endless glossy, bouncy curls.