Photos via BecaliaBotanicals; vamigasbotanicals; deziskin/Instagram

Having a skincare routine has become many people’s favorite part of self-care. Between a regimen that includes moisturizers and serums, you can have glowy, bouncy, flawless skin. But with so many options, it can be easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of skincare brands. After all, there’s always a new trendy product that some influencer or beauty guru promises will give you glass skin.

But let’s face it: you can’t buy all the skincare products out there. You have to pay rent, after all. But you do want to go out of your way to support nuestra gente. Giant corporate brands have enough money and nowadays people are more consciously supporting hardworking Latina entrepreneurs.

As of now, there are quite a few Latinas who have founded their own skincare companies. Many of these Latina-owned companies have stories rooted in culture and heritage. They may pull their ingredients from their ancestors’ recipes or infuse their products with nostalgic cultural scents. Either way, you can’t go wrong stocking up your medicine cabinet with these powerful* Latina-owned skincare brands. Here are 11 recommendations below.

1. Vamigas

Latina entrepreneur Christina Kelmon, one of the few Latina investors in Silicon Valley, created Vamigas specifically for Latinas. Vamigas is frangrance-free and includes the first face oil ever to use eight ingredients from Latin America. Buy Vamigas here.

2. Dezi Skin

You all know Desi Perkins as the beauty guru who is practically your online BFF. So, naturally, you trust her with her skincare advice. In April of this year, Desi Perkins launched her very own skincare line, Dezi Skin. Right now, the line is made up of a Vitamin C serum and a prepping and setting spray. Buy here.

3. JLo Beauty

This skincare line needs no introduction. JLo beauty promises to give us “ageless, glowing skin” just like the skin the triple-threat Boricua has herself. The line is made up of serums, creams, sheet masks, and even a dietary supplement. Buy here.

4. Sanara

Sanara was founded by Latina Rebekah Jasso Jensen after a lifelong battle with Psoriasis and a recent breast cancer diagnosis. Her line is different from mainstream skincare because it incorporates indigenous Latin American botanicals into its ingredients. According to Jasso Jensen, she named the company after the Spanish word sanará, which means, “you will heal.” Buy here.

5. Brujita Skincare

Mexicana Leah Guerrero founded Brujita Skincare for “the misfits that the natural beauty market left behind.” She harnesses Mexico’s powerful natural ingredients like maca root powder, maracuya oil, and prickly pear to infuse into her serums, balms, and creams. Buy here.

6. Joanna Vargas

Celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas says her Latino heritage inspired her entire career. Of Puerto Rican and Mexican heritage, Vargas says she wouldn’t have become as obsessed with beauty and skincare if it wasn’t for her Boricua grandmother’s example. Shop her renowned skincare line here.

7. Overt

Peruvian-born jefa Giselle Chirinos created Overt because she wanted to create a skincare line that was “transparent, effective, and charitable”. Overt is a line of serums that target any individual’s skincare concerns from dryness, to dullness, to aging. Buy here.

8. Tata Harper

You’ve probably heard of Tata Harper before but you may not have known that this uber-successful skincare guru is Colombiana. Tata Harper is a fan-favorite among celebs who want clean, organic, effective products. In fact, the line has received some of the beauty industry’s most prestigious awards. Buy here.

9. Becalia Botanicals

Mexican-American Jazmin Guerrero wanted to create a skincare line with “products that truly capture your story and childhood memories”. With products with names like “Cafe con Leche” and “Horchata Facial Polishing Grains”, Becalia Botanicals is truly for the nostalgic Latina. Buy here.

10. Make & Mary

Make & Mary is a Latina-owned, ethically-grown, organic skincare line. What more could you want? With accessible, portable options like the “Moisturizing Wand”, Make & Mary truly has something for everyone. Buy here.

11. Gracious Om

Created by Los Angeles-based Latina Andrea Barrera, Gracious OM is CBD-infused skincare for the Latina who believes her skincare routine should include a healthy dose of relaxation. Buy here.