One of the most beloved boleros in the world is receiving a modern day update. Colombian DJ and producer Sinego is giving “Historia De Un Amor” a house music spin. The song that was popularized by Mexican icon Pedro Infante and Luis Miguel sounds fresh in Sinego’s hands.

“Historia De Un Amor” is one of Pedro Infante’s most famous songs.

“Historia De Un Amor” was written by Panamanian songwriter Carlos Eleta Almarán over 60 years ago. The song inspired the movie Historia De Un Amor that was released in 1956. Libertad Lamarque, the Mexican-Argentine actress who starred in the film, recorded one of the first versions of the song. Out of the many covers, Pedro Infante’s version remains the most popular version. Luis Miguel and his TV show star Diego Boneta famously recorded the song as well.

Sinego is known for his signature house bolero songs.


While most “Historia De Un Amor” covers have been faithful to the original version, Sinego is using his talents in blending house music and boleros to make the song a club anthem. Last year, he gave Argentine icon Facundo Cabral’s “No Soy De Aquí” a refreshing update. Sinego has also dropped his original house bolero hits like “Verte Triste,” “Veneno,” and “Perder” with Gamuel Sori.

“The best music is the music that makes you feel nostalgic, but also makes you dance,” Sinego told mitú earlier this year. “I already had that part, that nostalgic part [with the bolero influence] and I needed the electronic music from the future that makes you dance and actually move. My music is like the perfect marriage of the future and the past.”

Sinego’s version of “Historia De Un Amor” is breathtaking.

Sinego first previewed his version of “Historia De Un Amor” in November during a Lo-Fi set. His cover was over a year in the making and now it’s finally here. The song opens on a familiar bolero note before flourishes of house music elevate it to another level. Sinego’s frequent collaborator Leonardo La Croix sings the lyrics and Laura Quiñones plays the violin. “Historia De Un Amor” is spirited away in this dreamy update by Sinego. It’s a new, gorgeous way to experience the classic bolero.

“I hope people can find romanticism in music again,” Sinego says. “Not a cliché one though. Something they can listen to when they feel connected to this new version. ‘Historia De Un Amor’ brings those elements of emotionally compromising, being courteous, and believing in a surreal love back to us. My dream would be people using this song as a way to find a couple all over Latin America.”

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