The iconic series Behind the Music is back. Kicking off the new season on Paramount+ is Puerto Rican icon Ricky Martin. In exclusive clips mitú has from the episode, fellow Boricua superstar Bad Bunny talks about Ricky’s impact, including when he came out as gay in 2010.

Behind the Music is back on Paramount+.

Behind the Music is the documentary series that explores the lives of music’s biggest stars, and what set this one apart from other shows was that it included interviews from the artists themselves. The series first aired on VH1 throughout the ’90s and into the last decade, and now Behind the Music was rebooted this week for the Paramount+ app. Two new episodes are available to stream now, including Ricky Martin’s.

Ricky Martin’s new episode is an update of his episode from 2000.

Ricky Martin’s episode is part of the series that was digitally remastered and updated for Paramount+. His episode originally aired in 2000 and now he’s given a new interview about his life since then. Also speaking in Ricky Martin episode is a Puerto Rican artist that’s come up in his wake, Bad Bunny. mitú has exclusive clips of Bad Bunny talking about Martin’s impact in the music industry.

Bad Bunny is a special guest in Ricky Martin’s episode of Behind the Music.

In 2010, Ricky Martin came out as gay, which was a landmark moment for LGBTQ+ representation in the Latine community. “You don’t have to be gay to be inspired by that action of honesty and freedom,” Bad Bunny tells Behind the Music. “Of being yourself against the world despite everything you deserve. I look at it like a very inspiring moment for anybody. At least for me, it’s very inspirational.”

Bad Bunny is speaking to Ricky Martin’s legacy for Latin music and Latin artists.

Another major update since Ricky Martin’s 2000 episode was his involvement in the Puerto Rican protests to oust corrupt governor Ricardo Roselló. Martin joined the massive protests in July 2019 with Bad Bunny and Calle 13’s Residente. “I swear to you, in Puerto Rico you are born knowing who Ricky Martin is,” Bad Bunny says. “He has an impeccable and epic career and it’s amazing that he still inspires people and still has that energy.”

Upcoming Behind the Music episodes include J.Lo and Fat Joe.

Behind the Music will drop new episodes every Thursday on Paramount+. There’s a Fat Joe episode that will be released on Sept. 9 and another one on Latin icon Jennifer Lopez in the near future.

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