Two of the Gen-Z superstars in Latin music collide in “No Toque Mi Naik.” Argentine singer Nicki Nicole meets up with Lunay in his native Puerto Rico in the music video.

Nicki Nicole and Lunay are two 20-year-old stars on the rise.

“No Toque Mi Naik” is the newest single from Nicole, who rose to prominence through the Latin trap wave in Argentina. Since then, she’s broadened her horizons, tackling R&B and hip-hop in the global smash “Ella No Es Tuya” remix with Myke Towers and Rochy RD.

Like Nicole, Lunay is also 20-years-old and becoming a force in the reggaeton music scene. He broke through in 2019 thanks to his debut hit “Soltera.” Boricua superstars Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny later jumped on the remix. In “No Toque Mi Naik,” he aligns his star power with Nicole.

Lunay shows Nicole around Puerto Rico in “No Toque Mi Naik” music video.

“We originally met in Miami and worked on this song late into the night,” Lunay said in a statement. “Everything just flowed naturally. I really admire Nicki and her flow. She goes hard. We clicked right away and I’m excited to finally have this track out.”

“No Toque Mi Naik” uniquely blends reggaeton and Latin trap music with a brass edge. Horns back Nicole and Lunay on the chorus as they boast about wearing a fresh fit. Just watch where you’re stepping because they want their Nikes to stay clean. Nicole and Lunay are a knockout duo on this swaggering anthem.

The music video for “No Toque Mi Naik” was shot in Puerto Rico by Juanky Alvarez. Nicole and Lunay ride ATVs together around the island.

“Recording the video was an incredible experience,” Nicole adds. “I got to know Puerto Rico, the people, and its culture. We took a tour with Lunay. He showed me historical places from old San Juan to La Perla.”

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