In Venezuela’s Latin trap wave, Micro TDH is emerging as a leading voice in the movement. His latest hits like “El Tren” with Puerto Rican superstar Myke Towers are now putting him in front of a global audience. In an interview with Latido Music, Micro TDH talked about coming up in Venezuela alongside Big Soto, working with hit-maker Ovy on the Drums, and what to expect next.

Micro TDH scored hundreds of millions of views on YouTube from the get-go.

Micro TDH started out singing in church and at school. “It wasn’t until I got to know rap that I decided to have a musical career,” he tells mitú. In 2016, he became one to watch in Venezuela thanks to his soulful ballad “Cafuné.” The music video has over 116 million views on YouTube.

“That’s a song I did with my hands,” Micro TDH says. “Without any platforms. Without investment or an expensive team. I didn’t record in a big studio. Everything was very precarious. I wanted to share that song with the essence of Micro TDH so that people could want more.”

Micro TDH teamed up Ovy on the Drums and Big Ligas for his recent hits.

To take his career to the next level, the 22-year-old teamed up with Karol G’s main producer, Ovy on the Drums, and his production team Big Ligas in 2018. They hit the ground running and worked on several global hits together like Piso 21’s “Te Vi” featuring Micro. That bubbly collaboration has over 446 million views on YouTube.

“They contacted me and said they wanted to work with me, but with the condition that it would be exclusively with Big Ligas,” Micro TDH says. “They invited me to Medellín without any type of commitment. ‘Come and let’s see what can happen and we can make music if you want,’ they said. There we decided. In that same week that we met, we recorded great songs. We recorded ‘Te Vi,’ ‘Dime Cuantas Veces,’ and ‘Desmadio Tarde.'”

One of Micro TDH’s biggest hits is actually an older song.

One of Micro TDH’s recent big hits is actually one that he recorded before hitting it big. In “Besame Sin Sentir,” he seamlessly switches between singing and rapping. The music video for the bluesy track has over 155 million views on YouTube.

“The most interesting thing about that song is that I created in 2015,” Micro TDH says. “The Micro that’s singing there is 16-year-old Micro. We kept the same voice. We used the same song that we released in 2015 and re-released it with a music video in 2018. What I want to say is that music never dies. Music doesn’t have an expiration date.”

Micro TDH shares a close bond with another one of Venezuela’s rising stars, Big Soto.

In the current crop of rising Venezuelan stars with Micro TDH, Big Soto is another name that comes to mind. They came up through the country’s Latin trap game together and share a close bond. Micro TDH and Big Soto have collaborated numerous times.

“He’s like my brother,” Micro TDH says. “I respect him a lot. I have a lot of love for him. I grew up with him. We came up together simultaneously. I was already a singer when Big Soto didn’t want to sing. I met him through the online game League of Legends. We played together and talked through Facebook. I never thought there would be a day when we started making music. Now so many years have passed and we’re in a guild of new Venezuelan artists. That was very beautiful.”

Now Micro TDH is teaming up with Myke Towers.

Micro TDH’s latest single “El Tren” with Myke Towers is shaping up to be another runaway hit. “In life, one has to choose from various trains,” he says. “The train you’re on could be full of toxicity and negative things. You have to brave to leave the train that you’re on and get on another one.” After presenting Towers with a few songs, this is the one that he wanted to hop on.

“I’ve always respected [Myke Towers], so we have a mutual respect,” Micro TDH says. “When I showed him ‘El Tren,’ like magic that song clicked with him. The music you make from your heart is that music that connects with the fans and the artists as well.”

Micro TDH’s new album is coming this year!

Micro TDH says a dream collaboration for him would be Bruno Mars. He’s hard at work on his highly-anticipated next album and promises that it will show more versatility to his music. That’s going to be his priority this year once it drops.

“In the end, I aspire to open a door for all the Venezuelans who want to have success in the world of music,” Micro TDH says. “I want to show that even though our country is facing a complicated situation that there are no limits to what a person can dream and achieve. There’s so much Venezuelan talent in all genres of music. Venezuela is art. Venezuela is love. Venezuela is music.”

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