According to the latest report from the National UFO Information Center, Mexico is the sixth country with the most extraterrestrial spacecraft sightings in the world. The United States, Canada, China, France, and Spain head the list.

Now that the U.S. Congress has opened the pandora’s box on what we all suspected, Mexico, with its history of UFO sightings and its dedicated researchers, offers invaluable lessons about life outside Earth.

Its mysteries inspire us to keep questioning, exploring, and striving to know, even when confronted with the unexplainable.

Here are four of the most famous episodes of UFO sightings in Mexico.

A solar door?

The infamous Mexico City UFO incident of 1991 offers a fascinating starting point. 

Hundreds of people reported UFO sightings as a total solar eclipse darkened the skies over the bustling city. 

In the eerie twilight, an otherworldly spectacle unfolded as unidentified objects flitted across the sky, leaving onlookers mesmerized and terrified.

The episode garnered international attention. With renewed interest in the UFO phenomenon, many experts revisited this historical incident, conducting interviews and reconstructing eyewitness accounts. 

However, the 1991 sighting holds its secrets, prompting ufologists to unravel the enigma.

The power of El Popo

An equally captivating phenomenon centers on the Popocatépetl volcano, known for its recurring UFO sightings. 

Located near Mexico City, webcams on this active stratovolcano, installed to monitor seismic activity, have often captured unusual aerial phenomena. 

These images, featuring unexplained glowing objects near the volcano’s mouth, have sparked heated debate among experts.

Some propose these sightings as evidence of extraterrestrial life in search of geothermal energy. On the other hand, skeptics dismiss them as lens flares or flying debris. However, these sightings’ sheer volume and consistency keep them within the realm of the unexplained, tantalizing UFO enthusiasts worldwide.

Although sightings arouse excitement and awe, nothing provokes as much intrigue as an alleged UFO crash.

A collision in the sky

One such incident apparently occurred in the Coyame Desert‘s desolate expanses. 

The year was 1974 when an alleged unidentified flying object hit a small Cessna aircraft. U.S. radar had detected this UFO, initially believed to be a meteorite, as it flew a “wandering” and irregular trajectory near Corpus Christi, Texas. 

However, the UFO changed direction and crashed into the plane that departed from El Paso, Texas, bound for Mexico City. It landed in Coyame, the town in Chihuahua where the operation began.

Apparently, the United States agreed to rescue this object, but the Mexican authorities rejected the offer. Nevertheless, Fort Bliss assembled a team to recover the wreckage some 40 miles from the southern border with the United States.

Despite the secretive nature of the incident, the story permeated the UFO community, fueling speculation and conspiracy theories about recovered alien technology and extraterrestrial life forms.

A place of pilgrimage for UFO enthusiasts

Moving away from the arid desert and into the lush mountains, the Tepoztlán Encounter introduces a different flavor to Mexico’s UFO narrative. This picturesque town nests between rocky cliffs and hills and is considered a UFO hotspot. 

Its inhabitants recount numerous sightings and strange occurrences; some even claim to have encountered extraterrestrials. 

This reputation has made Tepoztlán a place of pilgrimage for UFO enthusiasts, attracted by its captivating stories of contacts and discoveries.

The fame and influence of Mexican UFOlogists

Behind these stories is a league of dedicated Mexican ufologists committed to investigating and understanding these phenomena. 

From the determined researcher who pores over hours of footage to the seasoned expert who offers balanced commentary on national television, their passion illuminates Mexico’s contribution to the global discourse on UFOs. 

Despite facing skepticism and dismissive attitudes, they remain focused on the search for truth, presenting credible research and fostering informed debate.

The best-known Mexican alien expert is Jaime Maussan, a prominent Mexican journalist and UFO researcher who has been a leading figure in the field of ufology for many years. The community has recognized his investigative work and dedication to exploring unexplained aerial phenomena. 

Maussan has presented numerous television programs and lectures in which he exposes alleged UFO sightings and encounters to the public, often accompanied by compelling visual evidence.

Another prominent figure in the Mexican UFO community is Luis Ramirez Reyes. 

Considered an expert in the field, Reyes has been actively investigating UFO sightings for decades. He is known for organizing forums and conferences that bring together researchers, enthusiasts, and skeptics to exchange ideas and evidence about UFO encounters. 

Reyes has also authored several books on the subject, helping to spread knowledge and encourage a serious approach to UFO research in Mexico.

Marco Antonio Gómez Pérez is an expert in the field recognized for his exhaustive studies on unidentified aerial phenomena. 

Gómez Pérez has earned the respect of the UFO community for his rigorous scientific approach. He emphasizes the importance of evidence-based investigations and encourages his fellow researchers to delve deeper into the phenomenon beyond superficial sightings. 

The truth is that the UFO phenomenon in Mexico is as diverse and vibrant as the country itself. Each sighting, each story, and each piece of evidence offers a new piece of the great cosmic puzzle. As we delve deeper into this enigma, the journey remains as fascinating as the possible destination. 

The skies over Mexico are a testament that we are not alone. With every sighting and every expert, we come closer to a revelation that may change our understanding of the universe.