Lyanno and Rauw Alejandro are back at it again in “Poderosa.” The Puerto Rican heartthrobs regroup for a party in the colorful music video.

Lyanno and Rauw Alejandro are part of the rising R&B and reggaeton music wave.

Lyanno and Alejandro are part of the new wave of artists who blending reggaeton music with an R&B edge. The two rising stars have collaborated multiple times in the past, including on last year’s steamy smash “En Tu Cuerpo” remix with fellow Boricua Lenny Távarez and Argentine singer Maria Becerra.

“Apart from being colleagues, [Me and Rauw are] great friends,” Lyanno told LaMezcla last year. “We came out more or less around the time and he’s always supported me and I’ve always supported him. That’s why we’re always collaborating.”

The Boricua dream team is back together for “Poderosa.”

“Poderosa” marks the first time in a while where it’s just the dream team together. The song was produced by Puerto Rican duo Subelo NEO, who is most known for Bad Bunny’s “Yo Perreo Sola.” Lyanno’s sultry voice is rounded out by Alejandro’s magical touch as they sing about a powerful woman that’s got a hold on them. This alluring reggaeton romp is undeniable with these two back together.

The “Poderosa” music video was directed by Gus. Lyanno and Alejandro lead a big party in the middle of the desert. They have everyone under their spell and dancing to their song. As if the desert wasn’t hot enough, this duo manages to turn up the heat.

Alejandro has been booked and busy this year. In the past few months, he’s teamed up with artists like Selena Gomez and Bad Gyal. Most recently, Alejandro joined forces with Puerto Rican singer Alex Rose for the super sexy “Me Fije.”

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