Justin Quiles is back with his new album La Última Promesa. Across the 14 tracks, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter returns with more romantic reggaeton jams and club bangers. He teamed up with artists like Maluma, Rauw Alejandro, Sech, and Daddy Yankee. In an exclusive interview, Quiles talked about the stories behind a few of our favorite songs on the LP.

La Última Promesa is like the sequel to Justin Quiles’ debut album.

La Última Promesa is Quiles’ third album following 2019’s Realidad. The hit-making songwriter made his mark an artist with 2016’s La Promesa. That became Quiles’ breakthrough moment and a fan favorite LP. For his latest album, he’s channeling a bit of his debut release.

“The main inspiration [for La Última Promesa] came from the first album,” Quiles tells mitú. “I know my fans have been waiting for music. They loved La Promesa. I made the 2021 version of it but next level. It’s a more mature Justin Quiles’ as a songwriter and artist.”

“Loco” is the latest hit from Justin Quiles’ album.

Before the release of La Última Promesa, a few of the singles became huge hits. The one making waves right now is the tropical love song “Loco.” Quiles’ collaboration with Dominican singer Chimbala and Boricua OGs Zion y Lennox went viral on TikTok this summer.

“Last week [Spanish soccer player] Sergio Ramos uploaded the song to his TikTok and it went viral,” Quiles says. “It’s crazy. I wanted to do something different with that song. I wanted people to have good vibes and have a song that’s doesn’t talk dirty, so that anybody could sing along to it.”

Justin Quiles teamed up with Maluma Baby for “La Botella.”

With the release of La Última Promesa, Quiles also premiered the music video for “La Botella” with Colombian superstar Maluma. In the alluring song, the two reggaeton heartthrobs realize all the partying in the world can’t numb the heartbreak.

“I recorded [‘La Botella’] and I had Maluma in mind,” Quiles says. “This is a Maluma-type song and I thought he would fit on this record perfectly. If I had to this song with somebody, it had to be him. I sent it over to Maluma, he loved the record and he jumped on it. From there, we shot the video in Medellín.”

Justin Quiles regrouped with Sech in “Contradicción.”

Quiles reunited with Panamanian singer-songwriter Sech for the song “Contradicción.” When they work together with the other artists in Rich Music, the group call themselves the Avengers of reggaeton. Alongside Sech, Quiles hits his soulful stride in this baby-come-back banger.

“Sech is one of my homies,” Quiles says. “Me and Sech go way back. I was one of the first artists to ever record with Sech. Sech was the one that produced this record. He made the beat with Dimelo Flow. He jumped on the record as well. I think it’s one of the best records I have on the album.”

Justin Quiles and Rauw Alejandro together is everything we needed.

Quiles joined forces with Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro in “Americana.” With these two together, this is definitely one of the sexiest songs on the album. The guys sing about the perks of lovers who are multicultural.

“I had written ‘Americana,'” Quiles says. “I had it in mind. I saw Rauw Alejandro in another video that we did. I saw him there and I showed him the record and he loved it. I went to the studio with him and we killed ‘Americana.’ It happened organically. It’s a danceable record. I think me and Rauw meet together in this record very well.”

Rising star Mariah Angeliq features in “Textos Sucios.”

Quiles turns up the heat in “Textos Sucio” with rising Latina star Mariah Angeliq. In this reggaeton romp, the two singers exchange steamy text messages. Cell phones playing this collaboration are about to combust. He reveals this song was in the works before Angeliq’s breakthrough single “Perreito.”

“I was working on something for myself and Mariah walked into the studio and started giving me ideas,” Quiles says. “This was before Mariah was popping. Before anyone knew of her, this record was recorded. I liked the ideas she was giving me, I liked the hustle she had. I feel like Mariah goes for it. She’s not scared. I liked what she was doing to the record, so I told her let’s record it together. It came out amazing. I think she’s a super talented girl. I like what she does, so I’m glad to have her on my album. This sh*t is fire!”

“PAM” with Daddy Yankee and El Alfa still hits hard.

Like “Loco,” another big hit on La Última Promesa was “PAM.” Quiles teamed up with the King of Reggaeton Daddy Yankee and Dominican rapper El Alfa. Over a year after the song’s release and this one still holds up as a club heavy-hitter.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Daddy Yankee,” Quiles says. “With the Big Boss, it was a dream come true. I always wanted to work with him. And adding El Alfa from the Dominican Republic, I think it was a great combination and something different. People didn’t expect that.”

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