Kany García is singing in English for the first time on a JP Saxe hit. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter featured on Saxe’s Spanglish version of “Like That.”

JP Saxe first dabbled in Latin music with Mau y Ricky.

Saxe is most known for his global hit “If the World Was Ending” featuring his girlfriend Julia Michaels. Michaels, a songwriter for pop stars like Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, and Justin Bieber, is notably of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent.

Saxe first dabbled in Latin music last year when he enlisted Venezuelan brothers Mau y Ricky to feature on a Spanglish version of “Hey Stupid, I Love You.” Saxe, Mau y Ricky, and Michaels were recently spotted in the recording studio together so hopefully, they get Julia to sing in Spanish soon.

Kany García sounds beautiful with JP Saxe in Spanish and English.

Now Saxe is teaming up with Kany García for the Spanglish version of “Like That.” The country-flavored ballad sounds beautiful with García translating Saxe’s heartfelt lyrics into Spanish. For the first time ever, she also sings in English as she harmonizes with Saxe. There’s no limit to García’s talent as a singer-songwriter and now she proves there’s no language barrier either. Hopefully, we’ll see Kany experiment more with crossover collaborations in the future.

Kany García recently pushed for a bill in Puerto Rico to end conversion therapy.

García is openly a part of the LGBTQ+ community. In April, she spoke out against the practice of conversion therapy in her native Puerto Rico.

In pushing for Bill P.S. 184, the multiple Latin Grammy-winner wrote, “I am an example of how to be faithful to who you are. I am a woman who deeply loves her partner and who is loved by her family and our people. There is nothing to change. There is nothing to repair. There’s nothing to heal. We have to give the same opportunity that I had, to be who I am, to all our children and youth.”

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