CNCO is officially four members. Joel Pimentel performed his final concert with the Latin boy band on Friday. The Chicano singer also launched his own YouTube channel.

The five members of CNCO performed together for the last time on Friday.

CNCO hosted the Déjà Vu Global Streaming concert on Friday night. The live-stream show marked the last time that all five members, Pimentel, Zabdiel de Jésus, Erick Brian Cólon, Christopher Vélez, and Richardo Camacho, would perform together.

Things got emotional when Joel Pimentel said his goodbyes to the group at the end of the concert.

CNCO performed their biggest hits like “Reggaetón Lento (Bailemos),” “Tan Fácil,” and “Pretend” live. The show became extra emotional when they talked about Pimentel’s amicable split from the band before the last song “Hey DJ.” Pimentel maintained that they’ll always be a brotherhood and that he wishes CNCO success going forward as a quartet.

Joel Pimentel’s YouTube channel amassed 100k subscribers in less than a day.

After leaving CNCO, Pimentel launched his YouTube channel where fans can keep up with his solo career. In less than a day, the channel amassed over 100,000 subscribers. The only upload on the channel right now is Pimentel’s thank you to fans for “changing his life.”

New music from CNCO as a quartet will drop this summer.

CNCO will carry on as a four-piece group. In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, the remaining members revealed that the band’s name will still be CNCO and that they will not replace Pimentel. The guys also have new music on the way.

“We wish [Joel] the best, but this is nowhere near the end for the four of us,” CNCO said. “We have been in the studio for the past 2 months working on new music and it should be ready to come out this summer. [It’s] fire music. We got everything you can dance, cry, and fall in love with.”

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