CNCO’s Joel Pimentel is Flexing His Muscle Gains in Thirst Trap Photos

CNCO’s Joel Pimentel worked on his muscle gains for most of 2020. Since the start of 2021, the Mexican-American singer has been showing off the fruits of his labor in glorious thirst trap posts. Pimentel’s biggest flex of 2021 is his biceps.

Pimentel is proud of his gains.

If you follow Pimentel on Instagram, it’s no secret that he spent his 2020 quarantine time bulking up. You can see the progress of the 21-year-old’s fitness journey through every shirtless photo that he’s posted along the way. To kick off 2021, he posted a gratuitous photo set showing off his biceps and abs in the bathroom mirror.

“Wooo my boi rock solid,” commented Pimentel’s CNCO bandmate Richard Camacho on the photos. “Bouts to be my body guard fusho!”

Knowing the power of his thirst traps, Pimentel posted another photo last month with the caption: “Lost my shirt” with a sad face. His friend and fellow singer Yoandri simply wrote in the comments, “CHICHIS.”

CNCO has got it going on in “Solo Importas Tú.”

In CNCO’s steamiest music video yet, all the guys flaunt their bodies for their cover of Franco De Vita’s “Solo Importas Tú.” Pimentel wears a sleeveless shirt that welcome the #CNCOwners (the band’s fanbase) to his gun show. He also lets his voice soar on the classic love song. The Latin boyband’s covers album Déjá Vu will be released this Friday, Feb. 5.

Pimentel and CNCO support their LGBTQ+ fans.

Pimentel and the guys of CNCO know that they just don’t have women’s eyes on them, but also eyes from fans in the LGBTQ+ community, and they’re down with that. Last year, Pimentel agreed with Yoandri’s tweet on not judging people about their sexuality. He told LADYGUNN: “We love [our fans in the LGBTQ+ community] and we support them. We’re with them. My best friend [Yoandri] is part of the community, so if you don’t have anything nice to comment, just don’t say anything.”

Joel is here to quench your thirst (traps).

Now that you’re more familiar with Pimentel and CNCO, here’s more of his sexy thirst traps. It’s his birthday month too, so be sure to show him plenty of love. This Pisces king turns 22 on Feb. 28.

There was that time Pimentel gave us an update on his health. To show us that he survived food poisoning, he posted a shirtless selfie. His friend Christian Acosta commented in Spanish, “If you zoom in [on this photo], you lose.”

We might have a future U.S. Secretary of Transportation on our hands. Pimentel showed us he was a train enthusiast when he posted a shirtless photo next to the train tracks.

Pimentel showed off his backside with a photo captioned: “enjoying God’s creation.” Yes, his fans are enjoying the view.

To switch it up from the usual bathroom selfies, Pimentel propped up a mirror in front of his kitchen and took a shirtless photo. There was nothing snack size about this serve.

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CNCO and Ricardo Montaner Perform “Tan Enamorados” Together at Premio Lo Nuestro


CNCO and Ricardo Montaner Perform “Tan Enamorados” Together at Premio Lo Nuestro


After releasing an album of cover songs, Latin boyband CNCO got the opportunity to perform one of those hits with the original artist. The guys teamed up with Ricardo Montaner for a live duet of “Tan Enamorados” at the Premio Lo Nuestro awards last night.

The hopes were high for a CNCO-Montaner duet.

Earlier this month, CNCO released its third album, Déjà Vu, where they cover Latin music classics from the ’80s to the early 2000s. The guys first previewed the project late last year with their cover of “Tan Enamorados” by Argentine icon Ricardo Montaner.

When CNCO and Montaner both confirmed their appearances at Premio Lo Nuestro, hopes were running high for them to perform “Tan Enamorados” together. During the group’s medley performance of songs from Déjà Vu, Montaner emerged for the final song.

CNCO delivered a Déjà Vu medley that included Ricardo Montaner!

In white suits that were reminiscent of the Backstreet Boys, CNCO sang the highlights of Déjà Vu that included Cheyanne’s “Dejaría Todo,” Aventura’s “Un Beso,” and Sin Bandera’s “Entra En Mi Vida.” The guys sounded great as they struck their signature synchronized moves.

When the music for their reggaeton version of “Tan Enamorados” version of started, Montaner joined CNCO onstage for the performance. He sang the house down like the old days, giving the song its original ballad touch. The guys of the group were obviously starstruck to be performing the song alongside him.

CNCO won the award for Best Group/Duo of the Year. The guys also recently premiered their music video for “Un Beso.”

Montaner hit the stage a second time to sing his latest hit “Amén.” It was a family affair when he performed the song alongside his sons, Mau y Ricky, his daughter, Evaluna Montaner, and his son-in-law, Camilo.

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Our 5 Favorite Covers on CNCO’s ‘Déjá Vu’ Album: Ricky Martin, Aventura, and more


Our 5 Favorite Covers on CNCO’s ‘Déjá Vu’ Album: Ricky Martin, Aventura, and more


Latin boyband CNCO is back with the new album Déjá Vu out Feb. 5. For their third LP, the guys are covering the Latin pop hits of the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s by artists like Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Aventura, and Ricardo Montaner. Whoever your mom was bumping when it was time to clean the house on Sunday, CNCO has most likely tackled their song.

CNCO is taking on the Latin pop classics on Déjá Vu.

Not only will the fans of the original artists be excited to hear CNCO’s updates, but the group is doing a service to their Gen-Z fans by introducing them to these classics in a refreshing way. The guys – Joel Pimentel, Zabdiel de Jésus, Erick Brian Colon, Richard Camacho, and Christopher Vélez – also push themselves more as singers on these beloved songs to give the best vocal performances of their career.

Déjá Vu is CNCO’s trip through the history of Latin pop music. Latido Music is here to guide you through five of our favorite covers on the album.

“Tan Enamorados”

“Tan Enamorados” was the first song to kick off CNCO’s Déjá Vu era. The guys put a fresh reggaeton spin on the classic by Argentine icon Ricardo Montaner. Every member gets their shine in soaring performances that lift this love song to new heights, especially Pimentel. In the music video, CNCO pays homage to one of the greats that came before them, New Kids on the Block.


“Hero” marks the first time that CNCO has recorded a song that’s completely in English. The guys capture the tenderness of the original by Spanish pop star Enrique Iglesias. There’s an especially endearing moment at the end when Colon promises, “I can be your hero.” Save us, Erick! CNCO seemingly channels the Backstreet Boys in the music video.

“Dejaría Todo”

CNCO turns Boricua superstar Chayanne’s “Dejaría Todo” into a tropical bop. The guys come through with charming performances, especially de Jésus, who reps Puerto Rico proudly on the song. Vélez and Colon also are captivating with their breezy interpretations matching the song’s reggae influence. The music video reflects CNCO right now as the guys sit back and just sing from the heart.

“Un Beso”

“Un Beso” is a big moment for Camacho, who proudly reps the Dominican Republic by way of New York City. That’s the same story for the song’s original act, Aventura, who is led by the king of bachata Romeo Santos. CNCO turns the song into a trapchata bop, which is a mix of bachata and trap music. Santos is known for his sensual lyrics and the guys rise to the occasion. They’re quite the smooth operators here.

“El Amor de Mi Vida”

“El Amor de Mi Vida” is a full-circle moment for CNCO. The song is originally by Ricky Martin. The Puerto Rican superstar not only paved the way for them in Menudo, but he also helped put CNCO together on the reality TV series La Banda in December 2015. Now more than five years later and the guys are proudly carrying on his legacy with this hypnotizing update.  

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