J Balvin is back with his new album JOSE. The LP is stacked with collaborations with artists like Skrillex, Khalid, Ozuna, Bad Bunny, and Dua Lipa, however Balvin’s most interesting collaborator on the album has to be his baby boy Río. The Colombian superstar’s eclectic collaborations also reflect the album’s diverse sound.

J Balvin’s JOSE album spans 24 eclectic songs.

“[The album] is basically everything I like as an artist that I would love to hear from somebody else,” J Balvin told mitú last month. “But I was like, ‘Ok, I want to do it myself.’ It’s like a playlist, but I’m the one who is singing.”

J Balvin was right to call the album a playlist with its whopping 24 songs. To narrow down the playlist, we’re going to breaking down five of our favorite songs on the JOSE album.

“Querido Rio”

The most sentimental song on J Balvin’s JOSE album is “Querido Rio.” He actually hinted to the song when he tweeted the title on June 27, which was reportedly the day that Valentina Ferrer gave birth to Río. Balvin is singing his son’s praises over the sound of his heartbeat. This ballad is absolutely beautiful.

“Bebé Que Bien Te Ves” with Feid

J Balvin reunites with Colombian singer-songwriter Feid in “Bebé Que Bien Te Ves.” Feid had a hand in writing Balvin’s breakthrough hit “Ginza” in 2015, and the guys recapture the magic of their earlier reggaeton hits in this magical collaboration.

“¿Qué Más Pues?” with Maria Becerra

The biggest hit from JOSE before the album came out was “¿Qué Más Pues?” with Argentine singer Maria Becerra. Balvin is always known for supporting artists on the rise like Becerra, and their sexy collaboration hit the top 10 of Spotify’s Global 200 chart.

“I found [Maria] through a friend of mine who told me, ‘This girl amazing and you should check it out,’” Balvin said. “When I heard her music, I created an idea for her and I sent it to her and it became an incredible song. It’s beautiful that we are supporting new talent. We’re supporting music culture and we keep elevating.”

“In Da Getto” with Skrillex

Another hit to come from JOSE is “In Da Getto” with EDM star Skrillex. Balvin and Skrillex blended reggaeton with elements of house music. The song has gone global thanks to the viral dance that Balvin is now doing in Fortnite.

“Sonny [Skrillex] is a great guy,” J Balvin said. “I love him because of the way he is. The human side. He’s just an amazing and humble person. Besides that, he’s the greatest. It’s mind-blowing to work with him. I think our sound has to evolve every time and that’s what I wanted to do, a mix of house music with reggaeton, and that’s what we got.”

“Un Dia (One Day)” with Tainy, Bad Bunny & Dua Lipa

A surprise inclusion on JOSE was Tainy’s “Un Dia (One Day).” The Puerto Rican hit-maker brought together J Balvin, Bad Bunny, and Dua Lipa for this stellar collaboration. Over a year later and the Grammy-nominated hit is just as mesmerizing as ever.

“Me and Bad Bunny are a duo,” J Balvin said. “We had an album together Oasis and probably we’ll do another one. Every time we’re together, we make huge hits. It’s beautiful to see my boy Bad Bunny doing great. And we’re still here.”

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