Pablo Alborán is one of the top nominees at this year’s Latin Grammy Awards. The Spanish singer-songwriter is up for Album, Song, and Record of the year for his work on last year’s Vértigo album. He brings his career total to a staggering 23 nominations. In an exclusive interview, Alborán talks about what he’ll do if he wins a Latin Grammy, his viral moment on TikTok, and his new single with Aitana and Álvaro de Luna.

Pablo Alborán is up for the biggest Latin Grammy Awards of the night.

For the first time in his career, Alborán is nominated for all three major categories in a single year at the Latin Grammy Awards. He’s up for Song and Record of the year for the sultry “Si Hubieras Querido.” His latest album Vértigo, an LP that came together during his time in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, is nominated for Album of the Year and Best Traditional Pop Album.

“I feel very honored and thankful,” Alborán tells mitú about his nominations. “I’m happy because to make this album during the pandemic was an adventure. Recording the album from a distance, from Málaga, Miami, Los Angeles, and Prague, was a big challenge. It came out well that we could release it. To be nominated is a big motivation for me.”

Pablo Alborán is one of the most-nominated artists in Latin Grammy history.

Alborán is one of the most-nominated artists in the history of the Latin Grammys. With these four new nominations, he brings his career total to 23 nominations. Alborán has yet to win a Latin Grammy, but he’s grateful for the recognition. He’s impressively been nominated every year since 2011 except in 2019.

“It’s crazy,” Alborán says. “Hopefully this is the year [I win]. I don’t know. Hopefully. If not, hopefully more nominations come or more work comes, and I get to see my fans soon. That’s the biggest award that you don’t have to win.”

What will Alborán do if he finally wins a Latin Grammy? “I’ll celebrate it!” he adds. “I’ll drink tequila, and celebrate with my team, jump, dance, and keep working. I believe it’s a big motivation to keep going. I’ll enjoy it and keep working hard.”

One of Pablo Alborán’s older songs went viral on TikTok this summer.

This past summer, Alborán scored one of the biggest hits of his career on TikTok. The heartbreakingly beautiful song “Saturno” from 2018’s Prometo album went viral on the social media platform. It’s now his most-streamed song on Spotify with over 211 million streams.

“I was very happy because ‘Saturno’ is a song that aims to make people travel and disconnect a bit from everything,” Alborán says. “Inside of the sad story, I wanted people to feel consoled. I was so surprised through TikTok and social media that a song I released four years ago, how it could be present again in people’s lives is a gift and a privilege. Music is marvelous because it can have the same impact from when it’s released to years later, lasting through time.”

Pablo Alborán’s new single includes Aitana and Álvaro de Luna.

For his new single, Alborán teamed up with rising singers Aitana and Álvaro de Luna. The Spanish pop stars joined forces for “Llueve Sobre Mojado.” The trio of artists tackle a rocky romance that keeps them coming back for more, rain or shine.

“It was very fun,” Alborán says. “It was very surprising because it’s three artists in one song, which was a challenge. I’m very happy because we finished that song together and that was the key to taking the song where we wanted it to go. I wanted to bring back a pop-rock sound, a spontaneous and fresh energy from a dynamic song, for a much-needed moment. We need songs and messages with positivity. We all want to start over and restart everything.”

Pablo Alborán is now 10 years in the music game and not slowing down.

As for who he dreams of collaborating with next, Alborán lists Ed Sheeran, Adele, and Coldplay. He reveals there’s another collaboration coming with a Venezuelan artist while he continues to write and produce new music in his studio. Alborán is now a decade into his music career and he’s still going strong.

“I want 10 more years, 20 more years,” Alborán says with a smile. “I would love to be able to dedicate myself to music until I die. Music is something that soothes me, gives me refuge, and embraces me. It’s a necessity. On top of being a job, it’s something I value so much and that I’m very thankful for.”

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