Mexican duo Vice Menta is representing the country in the Latin trap game. With their unique R&B twist, the twin brothers are breaking through. For their new music video “Solo Dio$,” Vice Menta teamed up with Mexican hip-hop heavyweight Alemán. In an interview with Latido Music, Genio and Celo talk about their rise in the industry, their empowering single, and a possible Lil Pump collaboration in the future.

Vice Menta’s love for trap music came from the time they spent in Atlanta.

“Sometimes you have to stop and appreciate that we have this circumstance where we’re bros and doing this,” Celo tells mitú. “We share our passion, we share our mission, and we are both fully committed to doing it. There’s nothing else we could ask for.”

While the Latin trap game is dominated by Puerto Rican and Colombian artists, Vice Menta is helping put Mexico on the map. At the start of their career, the brothers spent some time in the trap music capital, Atlanta. Genio and Celo blended the hip-hop genre with their love of American R&B to create Vice Menta.

“We had the chance to be in Atlanta for a considerable amount of time,” Celo says. “We were around trap culture and living it. We really got influenced and fell in love with the sound and the culture. We’re Mexicans who started [out] singing R&B, but we lived that Atlanta lifestyle and now we’re this.”

Vice Menta’s career took off with 2018’s “Granada.”

In 2018, Vice Menta’s career exploded after dropping the single “Granada.” The romantic trap banger was their first release after signing with Warner Music Latina. The music video, which stars the duo dripping plenty of swagger while shirtless, has topped over 6 million views on YouTube.

“[That song] opened a lot of doors for us,” Genio says. “We’re thankful for it, so shout out to our own song, ‘Granada.’ You changed our life.”

Vice Menta made their “dream” collaboration with Fuego come true this year.

Vice Menta has dropped a string of hit singles since then. To turn up the heat on their career, the brothers are now collaborating with other Latin hip-hop acts. In March, they teamed up Dominican-American rapper Fuego for “12A12.” All three guys are smooth operators in this steamy collaboration.

“Fuego is one of the artists that started in this trap and Spanish wave and did it the right way,” Genio says. “When we had the original version, we were like, ‘Bro, if Fuego got onto this, he would elevate it.’ We sent it to him and he loved it.”

“And also it was like a dream come true for us,” Celo adds. “Before we signed and everything, we used to listen to Fuego a lot, so it was personally like a great feeling.”

Now they’re teaming up with Mexican hip-hop icon Alemán for “Solo Dio$.”

For their latest single “Solo Dio$,” Vice Menta joins forces with Mexican rapper Alemán. While the duo’s previous songs were romantic, this hard-hitting anthem is more about self-love. The guys, including Alemán, flex about living life on their own terms.

“It’s about only how God can judge you for what you’re doing,” Genio says. “Nobody knows what you have been through.”

“We respect and admire Alemán’s career,” Celo adds. “When we had this song, we were like, ‘Bro, Alemán would kill this one.’ And he did. Whenever we do a featuring, we do it because we know an artist is going to elevate a song.”

Vice Menta’s Lil Pump collaboration might be coming soon.

As for what’s next, there might be a Lil Pump collaboration on the way. Last year, Vice Menta was spotted in the studio with the Colombian-American rapper.

“Yes, we did a song,” Celo says. “I can say that. It may come on the project that we’re releasing in a couple of months.”

Keep an eye on Vice Menta because they’re going to be one to watch for.

Celo and Genio say to expect more music and videos later this year. As Vice Menta, they want to keep pushing the envelope for Mexican musicians in the Latin trap, R&B, and beyond.

“We’re 360 artists, so we want to do great music,” Celo says. “We want to take Spanish music to places where it has never been taken before. [To] just keep pushing Latin culture around the world and bring something new to the table always.”

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