Lunay’s star keeps rising. The Puerto Rican artist made his debut at Lollapalooza in Chicago this weekend. He also released the music video for “Todo o Nada” with Brazilian singer Anitta that his fans can appear in. Lunay is leading the way for the next wave of reggaeton stars and staying ahead of the curve. In an exclusive interview from Lollapalooza, he talked about the excitement of his performances and the technology behind his innovative video.

Lunay’s come far since breaking out in 2019 with “Soltera.”

In 2019, Lunay dropped his breakthrough single “Soltera.” The song went global once Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny jumped on the remix. In a genre that has a machista history, the Boricua heartthrob has given his female fans empowering club anthems like “Soltera” and “Le Gusta Que La Vean.”

“Those songs are for empowering women,” Lunay tells mitú. “That’s what I’m always going to do. They’re also feel good songs, so that my family, friends, and the women can enjoy them.”

Lunay was one of the few Latin artists at this year’s Lollapalooza music festival.


At 20-years-old, Lunay already has two hits-filled albums under his belt, Épico and El Niño. The second title is taken from his nickname in reggaeton music. At this year’s Lollapalooza music festival, he performed songs from both LPs. His live debut not only included one performance, but two on Thursday and Friday night.

“I feel very great,” Lunay says. “I’m super happy. For me as a new artist, to be at Lollapalooza is a major achievement. I feel very grateful for the opportunity.”


In the videos that his fans posted from both shows, they can be seen going wild to Lunay’s music. Perreo was in the house at his Lollapalooza concerts.

“All the people were singing and dancing to my songs,” Lunay recalls. “The experience of returning to the stage is like getting back to what you signed up for [as an artist]. Talking with the fans, with the crowd, and with all the people, I was very excited and I want to repeat that 1,000 times here at Lollapalooza.”

“Todo o Nada” with Anitta is shaping up to be Lunay’s next hit.

The newest single from Lunay’s El Niño album that’s burning up is “Todo o Nada.” He teamed up with Anitta for the alluring love song.

“That song with Anitta came about because of social media,” Lunay says. “We saw that we wanted to get to know each other, be friends, and share something. That’s how music is. Out of this came the song that I wanted to show her, she jumped on it, and thanks to God that we made a hit.”

At last month’s Premios Juventud awards, Lunay and Anitta performed the song for the first time together. Near the end of their hot-and-heavy performance, the two singers almost kissed but not quite.

“We almost kissed, but it didn’t happen,” Lunay says. With a laugh, he adds, “Well, I don’t know what happened there.”

Fans can join Lunay in the “Todo o Nada” music video through face-swap technology.

The “Todo o Nada” music video takes the song to the next level. Lunay teamed up with Toyota to make it an interactive experience for fans. To join Lunay and Anitta in a Grand Theft Auto-like world, fans can check out and use the face-swap technology to appear alongside them. Those fans who embark on Lunay’s adventure are entered for a chance to win a virtual meet-and-greet with him.

“Filming the music video was super dura,” Lunay says. “That was an experience that I enjoyed a lot, going out in my Corolla Apex. It’s really one of the first videos to use that face-swap technology. It’s cool that my fans can see from the perspective of being with me in the video. I’m happy that El Niño could bring that technology to the video.”

Lunay’s El Niño Tour is coming soon!


As what what’s next, Lunay announced that his El Niño Tour is coming soon. He also promised that more new music is on the way. Following his Lollapooloza debut, Lunay is starting to make his mark in the mainstream market.

“That was my dream since I was a kid: to represent my flag of Puerto Rico and be a superstar,” Lunay says.

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