Mexican singer-songwriter, Humbe, is nominated for one of the most influential awards of the Latin GRAMMYs: Best New Artist. Largely thanks to his breakthrough album “Entropía,” which he wrote and produced at 20-years-old, he has become a prominent Gen Z, Mexican voice. In an exclusive interview with mitú, Humbe gave us the inside scoop on the nomination, his dedication to authenticity, and his next album, “Aurora.”

After spending his childhood learning to play multiple instruments, Humbe — who is from Monterrey, Mexico —released his debut album “Sonámbulo” in 2016.

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But it was his steamy hit single “Dieznoches,” which went viral on TikTok, that garnered the attention of many.

“[Dieznoches] came out when there wasn’t that much people watching me or listening to me,” Humbe tells mitú. “It’s a song that opened so many doors, including on radio and streaming. That’s the first song I produced for ‘Entropía.’ That was a conductor for the rest of my songs.”

Humbe built on the buzz of “Dieznoches” with his follow-up single, “El Poeta.” The dazzling ballad is a manifesto for who he is an artist: someone who takes ownership of his work by writing and producing his own music.

“To produce ‘Entropía’ was a big step for me in my career,” Humbe says. “… It’s an album that represents a lot of growth that an artist can have. I started working on it at the start of the [COVID-19] pandemic. I started to fly with my music. There’s nothing more valuable than that experience.”

At 20-years-old Humbe is a prominent voice for his generation. The multi-hyphenate artist is known for staying authentic to his roots by the use of Mexican slang in his music. In his recent hit “Adultos,” which turns the hard knocks of growing up into a party anthem, Humbe uses local slang like ‘desmadre’ throughout the song.

“I believe to speak with the language that characterizes us is important. It’s important to be authentic in your career. The style of music that I defend and that I sing is a style that’s very honest. I believe that I’m speaking from heart to heart,” he says.

Humbe received his first Latin GRAMMY Awards nomination this year.

We can say his music quite literally struck a chord with the Latin Recording Academy. The awards will air live from Las Vegas on Univision on November 18.

“I feel so happy,” he says. “That’s a big step in the life of an artist. I feel very thankful to be considered by the Latin Recording Academy for this. Right now I already consider myself a winner. I believe to be nominated is winning.”

Humbe’s next album will be released on his 21st birthday.

His next album “Aurora” will be released on November 11, his 21st birthday. Along with “Adultos,” the LP will also feature his latest anthem “Popular,” which talks about eliminating hierarchies of classroom popularity. He co-wrote and co-produced the upcoming album with his older brother, Emiliano RDZ.

“My new album “Aurora” comes with a lot of experimentation,” Humbe says. “There’s many genres mixed together. There will be direct and real messages, a lot of emotions and experiences. Everything is based on what we feel as humans. There’s songs that deal with depression, anxiety, happiness, and love.”

But that’s not the whole scoop — we predict there could be a Humbe and Reik collaboration in the future.

When mitú interviewed Reik’s Jesús Navarro back in July, he mentioned Humbe as a dream collaborator — a fact that lit up Humbe’s face when he learned about it.

“Really?!” he says. “How cool! Also, with Reik! They’re great friends that I’ve known for a little while. Their music is great. I grew up listening to their music. They’re incredible.”

As for what Humbe wants to accomplish next, he says, “More than money or fame, I want to be able to move the masses and do something positive with that power. I feel very happy that I can help people through positive and real messages in my music.”

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