In our exclusive interview for Crema by mitú, Mexican actor Diego Boneta shared with us the best advice real-life Luis Miguel gave him to play the role of El Sol de México in Luis Miguel La Serie, becoming an older version of Miguel in Season 2, his favorite song to perform on the series so far and more.

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Diego Boneta performs all of the songs on the show.

Contrary to popular belief, Diego Boneta’s voice is actually the one we listen to in the soundtrack for Luis Miguel La Serie, not just lip-sync.

“This was the most challenging project on every angle: producing, acting, singing. Luis Miguel is Luis Miguel because of his voice. I’ve been singing for 22 years, but I’m not Luis Miguel,” Diego shared. “I had to pretty much learn how to sing again, change my bravado to his, how he pronounces his vocals, it was a trip.”

Miguel actually shared intimate details about his life to help Boneta prepare for the role.

El Sol de México is one of the executive producers of the series, and helped Diego by giving him advice none of the other producers, crew or cast-members to know about.

“Diego, this is just for you. I don’t want this to come out on the show, I don’t want this for the writers to know, this is for you and for your performance,” Diego shared. “We shared this secret between me and him, and it was very special”.

Boneta used the advice to give more to the role of older Miguel.

For Season 2 of Luis Miguel La Serie, Diego had to gain weight and spend over three hours every day in makeup when they had to shoot scenes from the older timeline. One of the best things about the entire experience for Diego was working with Bill Corso, an Academy Award-winning makeup artist who designed older Miguel’s look, and working with a team of Mexican makeup artists who applied it.

“Hasta Que Me Olvides” was his favorite song to perform due to its real-life context in Miguel’s life.

While Miguel’s catalog is extensive and packed with hits, “Hasta Que Me Olvides” was Diego’s favorite song to perform due to its backstory on Season 2.

“I love the musical moments on the show that give you context to where a song comes from, and you’re like ‘Oh wow, this song came from this [moment] or from that event’ and it gives the song a whole new life,” Diego shared.

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