Born Humberto Ceballos Boza, and better known by his stage name Boza, the “Hecha Pa Mi” singer talked to us in an exclusive interview about the viral hit, his new single “Ella”, working with Emilia Mernes on “Perreito Salvaje”, what it means to him to represent Panamá and more.

Watch the full interview here:

Boza started his career when he was 16 years old.

Born and raised in Panamá City, Boza started his music career when he was still a teenager. His first hits include “Ratas y Ratones”, “Lollipop” y “Vamo A Prender”. In 2019, he signed with Sony Music Latin, becoming the first Panamanian artist to do so.

Under Sony, Boza released his first EP in February 2020, Sonrisas Tristes, which included fan-favorite “Party En Mi Casa.” Then, in July 2020, Boza released his debut album Más Negro Que Rojo, which includes his biggest hit to date with “Hecha Pa Mi.”

Boza always knew “Hecha Pa Mi” had the potential to go viral.

“I had faith in the song because I wrote it when I was super inspired,” Boza shared when referring to the success of “Hecha Pa Mi.” In our interview, Boza told us he was extremely happy by the way people received the song not only in his native Panamá but worldwide.

To date, “Hecha Pa Mi” has been streamed on Spotify over 400 million times, and it’s certified Platinum in the US, certified Gold in Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, and more countries. The song went viral on TikTok, and the rest is history.

On representing Panamá in the music industry: “It means everything.”

Boza is aware that Panamá had its golden era back in the day when El General and others were commanding the Latin music scene with Spanish Reggae. Boza says he’s part of the new wave of Panamanian talent that’s opening the door again for people to take a look at what Panamá is doing in terms of music.

“It’s an honor for me to raise our flag and for people to say ‘He’s from Panamá’ when they see me”, Boza shared.

Boza’s new single “Ella” talks about independent women.

Think of the popular girl that has it all, that’s the inspiration behind “Ella”. The girl that likes to party, to post sexy pictures, lives on her own and doesn’t have to answer to anyone for her actions. While some people might hate on her, Boza takes on the perspective of a man that doesn’t buy into what people say about her and finds out for himself.

His collaboration with Emilia Mernes for “Perreito Salvaje” won’t be his last.

Boza had nothing but praise for Argentinian singer Emilia Mernes in our interview. For “Perreito Salvaje”, Boza confessed that he tried a new flow and is happy with the final result. He also admires Emilia’s talent to sing and dance and said: “She’s a good friend of mine. I don’t think this would be our last collaboration since we had a really good connection and well the people so far love it.”

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