Mexican singer-songwriter Georgel is tackling the Molotov anthem “Putx” from a queer perspective. In time for Pride month, he teamed up with Molotov’s lead singer Tito Fuentes for the music video “No Putx.”

Molotov took aim at the Mexican government in the ’90s with “Putx.”

Mexican hip-hop group Molotov first released “Putx” in 1997 from their album ¿Dónde Jugarán Las Niñas? That LP title was a play on words of Maná’s similarly titled album. “Putx” was a song that Molotov and Fuentes were using to criticize the Mexican government at the time. While it’s widely become a homophobic slur among the Latine community, the band claimed that they were aiming the “cowardly” connotation of the word at the politicians.

Now Molotov’s Tito Fuentes is teaming up with rising Mexican singer Georgel.

Over 20 years later and now Georgel, who is openly gay, is reclaiming the homophobic slur in “No Putx.” The song was released this week as Spotify’s first Pride-focused exclusive single. He’s joined by Molotov’s Fuentes on the empowering track.

“By bringing attention to the real origin of words such as ‘putx’ or ‘m*ricón, hopefully, this song will contribute to the eradication of their use in our vocabulary,” Georgel said in a statement.

“No Putx” is the perfect anthem for Pride month.

The song is pretty incredible. Georgel is known for his Latin R&B music, but for this collaboration with Fuentes, he tackles Molotov-esque hip-hop. “No somos machos pero somos muchos,” he spits in retaliation to the machismo that’s usually behind homophobic slurs. Fuentes comes through with a trippy performance as he allies himself with Georgel and LGBTQ+ community.

“No Putx” is the second single from Georgel’s upcoming EP Oscuro. He previewed the EP earlier this year with “Desilusionándome” featuring Immasoul and Ferraz.

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