Bobby Shmurda has returned to music. For his first major song since being released from prison, he joins Eladio Carrión and J Balvin in “TATA.” The new remix also includes Puerto Rican OG Daddy Yankee.

Eladio Carrión dropped the original version of “TATA” in February.

Carrión released “TATA” as a single from his album Monarca back in February. The song with J Balvin was the first time that the Colombian superstar dabbled in drill music. The genre has become more popular thanks to late Dominican-American rapper Pop Smoke and Chucky73. Carrión, who grew up in Puerto Rico and mainland U.S., noticeably mixed influences from both of his worlds in Monarca, including trap, reggaeton, and hip-hop.

Bobby Shmurda is a pioneer in the drill music scene.

In 2014, Shmurda was credited as bringing drill music to New York City. He released his breakthrough single “Hot N***a” and his EP Shmurda She Wrote before his legal troubles caught up with him. After serving his five-year prison sentence, Shmurda was released on Feb. 23, 2021. The “TATA” remix marks his first major release this year.

As if “TATA” couldn’t get better, Bobby Shmurda and Daddy Yankee turn up the heat.

Carrión and J Balvin already served fire on “TATA,” but Shmurda takes it to the next level. The drill music pioneer comes through with slick and refreshing bars that bring a levity to the track. Daddy Yankee drops in towards the end and seamlessly finds his flow among the drill beats. He sounds great here, switching rap speeds throughout his verse. The “TATA” remix is an incredible mix of the drill rappers with the Latin stars who are starting to embrace the sound.

The music video for the “TATA” remix was shot in New York City and Puerto Rico. Earlier this year, Carrión also released his mixtape SEN2 KBRN VOL. 1.

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