October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and our favorite Latin stars recently spotlighted their fans with Down Syndrome. J Balvin’s friend Juliana Zuluaga stars in his music video for “Lo Que Dios Quiera” and Maluma gave a fan the time of her life on his tour.

October was first designated at Down Syndrome Awareness Month in the ’80s.

According to the Special Olympics website, October was first designated as Down Syndrome Awareness Month in the 1980s. People with Down Syndrome were born with an extra chromosome. There’s a third copy of chromosome 21 in their DNA, which changes the way a baby’s body and brain develops. With the cognitive and physical differences that a person with Down Syndrome can have, the Special Olympics emphasizes that they’re so much more capable than the stereotypes portray.

“People with Down Syndrome still face stereotypes and myths, but they’ve shown time and again that the condition is just one part of who they are and doesn’t define them or limit their abilities,” the website reads. “That’s why it’s so important that during Down Syndrome Awareness Month and all year long, we help spread the message of love, acceptance, inclusion, and respect.”

J Balvin’s friendship with his fan Juliana first blossomed last year.

J Balvin first introduced Zuluaga, one of his fans that became a friend, to Instagram last year. Her mother allowed Juliana to stay with the Colombian superstar for a few days and many adorable moments ensued.

Juliana is the star of J Balvin’s new music video.

In J Balvin’s music video for “Lo Que Dios Quiera,” Zuluaga is the star of the show. He sweetly serenades Juliana from under her balcony and takes her to the movies. This is one of Balvin’s songs where the message of inclusion is at the forefront. The video also features gay and lesbian couples embracing each other. Zuluaga’s mom was moved by the video. (You can watch the full video here on Facebook.)

“In this universe that’s unequal in so many ways, you’re making it so that everyone has the same eyes and same universal feeling that you’re showing for our daughter and for the equality that so many talk about, but that no one is leading,” Juliana’s mom wrote in an Instagram post. “Thank you, J Balvin, for the deference you show our daughter and therefore our family. Immense gratitude.”

Maluma shared a dance with his fan Olivia.

At one of the shows of his Papi Juancho Tour, Maluma danced with one of his fans who has Down Syndrome. The Colombian superstar posted a video of their dance on Instagram with the caption: “Magic moments.” In his Twitter post, he further wrote: “What a beauty.”

The young girl’s sister responded to Maluma’s video on Twitter. “Oh my goodness!” she wrote. “Olivia and Maluma. Maluma, truly made my sister’s night. Thank you 1,000x!”

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