Rising Puerto Rican singer Dalex teams up with R&B superstar Trey Songz for their collaboration “XLEY.” In the music video, they highlight the romance between a couple that identifies as non-binary.

Dalex is one of the artists leading the R&B wave in reggaeton.

Dalex is one of the singers representing R&B in reggaeton music. He’s come up in the genre alongside fellow Puerto Ricans like Rauw Alejandro, Lyanno, and Lenny Tavárez, and his Panamanian labelmate Sech. Growing up in Philly, Dalex was inspired by American R&B artists. “Collaborating with my idol Trey Songz, who has been a huge influence on [my] music career, is a dream come true,” Dalex said in a statement.

Trey Songz is singing in Spanish in “XLEY.”

“XLEY” is notably the first time that Trey Songz has dabbled in Latin music. He fits well in the song because it’s more of a pure R&B track that’s just sung in Spanish by Dalex. Songz also sings a few lines in Spanish. Both artists are smooth operators as they try to win over their lovers with sweet and sensual rhymes. This bicultural R&B banger is irresistible in any language.

Trey Songz and Dalex’s “XLEY” music video features a couple that identifies as non-binary.

In the music video, Dalex and Trey Songz soundtrack the romance between a non-binary couple. The identity in the LGBTQ+ community recently made headlines when Demi Lovato came out as non-binary. As the couple in the video identifies, non-binary means that you don’t subscribe to the binary of a male or female gender. Non-binary folks usually ascribe to being non-gendered or genderfluid. For both singers to highlight a love story like this right before Pride month is very thoughtful and inclusive.

Trey Songz’s most recent album was last year’s Back Home. Dalex also dropped his last album Modo Avión in 2020.

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