Christian Burgos, the Mexican TV personality living abroad in South Korea, is going viral thanks to his performances in the music competition Voice King. He’s winning hearts in South Korea and back home while becoming a K-Pop star.

Christian Burgos first started out in South Korea as a television personality.

The Mexico City native moved to South Korea in the last decade. He rose to prominence in the country as a panelist on the TV series Non-Summit where non-Koreans shared their experiences of living abroad. He’s previously been profiled as the “Most Famous Mexican in South Korea” on the series Welcome, First Time in Korea?

Through his travels in South Korea, Burgos is seen as a cultural ambassador for Mexico. In 2018, the 27-year-old received an achievement plaque from the Embassy of Mexico in South Korea.

In Voice King, Christian Burgos also shows that he can sing.

Burgos is known as a TV personality in South Korea, but this year, he showed that can hold a tune. He participated in the music competition Voice King. In the reality series, singers, actors, presenters, and comedians compete for the title of “Voice King” in head-to-head singing battles.

Burgos first made his debut on Voice King in April. Reflecting his Latinx roots, his debut performance included samba dancing. Though he had the judges cheering, as they noted, he barely defeated his competition in Round 1.

Be prepared to fall in love with Christian Burgos in Korean and Spanish.

In Round 2, Burgos stepped up his game. The judges were swooning for him as he was singing the song “Te Lo Diré” in both Korean and Spanish. He seamlessly switched between the languages during the soaring performance. Burgos handily defeated his opponent.

Even though Christian Burgos is out of the competition, fans can keep up with him through his documentary.

Sadly in Round 3, Burgos was knocked out of the competition. With the global attention he’s gotten for his first two performances, there’s no doubt that we’ll see more of him as an international pop star. To keep up with his fans, Burgos started the documentary Horizontes on YouTube.

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