Cholula is a household name in the Latino community, spicing up everything from breakfast burritos to ramen noodles. Based on a family recipe spanning generations, they named the hot sauce after the city of Cholula, Mexico — the oldest inhabited city in North America.

Its savory blend of arbol and piquin peppers make for a memorable saucy experience, resulting in a flavor bomb that will make our lips tingle just the right amount. With six signature flavors, including chipotle, green pepper and chili garlic, it’s hard not to have a favorite.

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But the Cholula brand hasn’t limited itself to hot sauce, no señora. They’ve branched out, offering wing sauces, seasoning mixes and salsas. Their latest endeavor is a collaboration with streetwear brand UPRISERS and they’re giving us the swag we never knew we needed.

UPRISERS is dedicated to telling the stories of the unrepresented

Founded by women and people of color, the brand’s mission is to create positive change in the community by engaging in projects that open and continue meaningful conversations. They have several collections, including a line of statement tees that seek to combat hate, especially towards minorities.

One such t-shirt reads, “Be gentle on humans.” Another, “Hate is a virus.” Before partnering with Cholula, they released a line with Panda Express, which featured a “take-out” bag and a reversible varsity jacket with the iconic red and white panda logo on the back.

Teaming up with Cholula seemed like a no-brainer, as their visions aligned perfectly. In their own words, the collaboration was created as a “conversation starter,” showcasing and celebrating the “evolution of the Cholula brand and […] its flavors and culture with family and friends.”


The limited edition drop will feature a tote bag and a trucker hat among other items

Dropping on June 28 and free while supplies last, you’ll get the merch and new Cholula goodies. But what exactly can you expect? In terms of apparel, each bundle will offer a mercado-style tote bag, an oversized graphic tee and a holographic sticker.


You’ll also pick between a “La Familia” trucker hat or their innovative hoodie poncho hybrid. In terms of Cholula treats, you’ll get the new salsa and taco seasoning. The sets will be 100% gratis to costumers beginning on June 28 at 9 a.m. PST at

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