Colombian pop star Camilo is going on his first U.S. tour. He’s also joining his father-in-law, Ricardo Montaner, in his live-stream concert featuring the Argentine icon’s whole family.

Camilo’s tour will be taking him all over Latin America and Spain.

At the end of April, Camilo announced his Mis Manos World tour in countries like Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. His fans in the U.S. were wondering if there was going to be a leg of the tour here.

The U.S. leg of Camilo’s tour kicks off in October.

On Friday, Camilo revealed the U.S. leg of the Mis Manos Tour that kicks off on Oct. 22 in Miami. The Latin Grammy-winning and recent Grammy-nominated artist will hit major cities through December like Atlanta, New York, Houston, Washington, D.C., San Diego, and Los Angeles. The final show takes place in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Dec. 3.

“Seeing all these cities together fills my chest with pride and emotion, knowing that we are finally going to fulfill our dream of looking each other face-to-face and singing these songs together that have been part of all our lives,” Camilo wrote on Instagram. “OUR FIRST TOUR!”

Camilo’s wife, Evaluna Montaner, will join him for a few shows.

According to Billboard, Camilo’s wife Evaluna Montaner, will perform at a number of shows on the Mis Manos Tour. The couple has recorded songs together like “Por Primera Vez” and “Machu Picchu.” Evaluna is the daughter of Ricardo Montaner. Tickets for the tour will be on sale on May 21.

Camilo will also join his father-in-law’s live-stream concert.

On June 12, Ricardo Montaner will host a live-stream concert called Los Montaner: One Time Only. The patriarch will perform the show with his son-in-law Camilo, his daughter Evaluna, and his sons, Mau y Ricky. Tickets are available here. In December, the family released the music video for “Amén,” which hit over 151 million views on YouTube.

Last month, Ricardo Montaner announced he was filming the docuseries Los Montaner with all the musical members of his family. The show is being produced by Ntertain, a company launched by NEON16’s Lex Borrero and Tommy Mottola.

Mis Manos U.S. Tour:

22 de Octubre – Miami
24 de Octubre – Atlanta
29 de Octubre – Chicago
31 de Octubre – Orlando
6 de Noviembre – Washington, D.C.
7 de Noviembre – New York
10 de Noviembre – Houston
12 de Noviembre – El Paso
13 de Noviembre – Dallas
14 de Noviembre – McAllen
19 de Noviembre – San Diego
20 de Noviembre – Los Angeles
21 de Noviembre – San Jose
3 de Diciembre – San Juan

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